George the Figurehead

Look here's what we have to do for next year. It's painfully obvious that Cortez is in over his head but we're still on the hook for his long term contract. Firing him is not much of an option. But this off-season we need to find some top quality AND HIGHLY EXPERIENCED WITH PROVEN TRACK RECORD co-ordinators. Forget the young up and comers. We already tried that experiment twice with Chamblin and Creehan and got miserable results. There's a few guys that we could lure here that would make a hell of a difference in a hurry.

Defence is our achilles heel so this should be our top priority. If Tim Burke does not get the official head coaching gig in Winnipeg this off-season, then we need to pursue him. Lateral moves are usually not the norm but it didn't stop Chris Jones from bailing on Calgary. Money talks.

Right about now even Greg Marshall's "bend don't break defence" is looking pretty good and would have secured us a few more wins. We most likely wouldn't have given up anywhere near the points we have so far. Burris has done enough most games for us to have at least 10-11 victories if only the defence had held. Marshall should definitely be an option.

On offence you got Paul LaPolice who has done quite well as OC. I don't think Durant and the Riders have been as good since he left them to join Winnipeg. He also knows Fantuz well and might help him return to his previous form.

Cortez would then be relieved of most of his duties. The team would then be run behind the scenes by a more competent staff. All George has to do is stand on the sidelines and pretend to look interested for the TSN cameras. Once or twice a game somebody would tell him through his headset when to throw a challenge flag. That would also make his job easier after the game telling the media about how we secured the win. 8)

What do you guys think? Any other names you can think of for OC and DC?

How about this man for Hamilton's next DC....

"Gary Etcheverry is out as the head football coach of the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees.

The school announced Sunday that Etcheverry had been released as its interim football coach. No immediate replacement was named.

“This is a change that we do not take lightly in any way,? Colin Timm, the school’s Assistant Director of Programs for Sports Services, said in a statement. “We need to ensure that we are putting ourselves in a position to move this program forward.

“It had become apparent that in order to do so we needed to take this action.?

The move comes a day after Ottawa (0-5) dropped a 32-25 decision to Queen’s, the Gee-Gees remain last in the OUA standings.

Etcheverry, a former head coach of the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts and a long-time defensive co-ordinator in the league, had been on the hotseat at Ottawa for implementing a non-traditional double-wing offence.

The Gee-Gees travel to Toronto to face the Varsity Blues on Saturday.

In its statement, the school said it hopes to select a permanent head football coach following the Grey Cup on Nov. 25 in Toronto."

He's available, unless his contract with the university limits him. I would still prefer Tim Burke, if possible for next season.

8) Surely you are making these suggestions in jest !!
  Coach Cortez has full control and say as to who his assistant coaches are, along with the final say as far as roster 
  players are, and any changes that he deems necessary regarding players !!!

  Since the TiCats gave him full control in those options, why would he give them up at this point ???

  TiCat management got themselves into this predicament, so it's up to them whether they want to cut ties with Cortez
   and ultimately pay him off for the next 3 years of his big contract !!!   My answer would be NO !!

   I sure don't see Cortez willingly giving up his control in these areas.....and why should he ???

I agree. No way George is giving up control. Maybe a veteran coach on defence who is not going to make any waves, like Daly has been on special teams. But you're not gonna get anyone that will challenge Cortez. Just not gonna happen.

Sounds like a Christmas wish list. As mentioned, Cortez will not surrender authority willingly, and I emphasize, willingly. But he has people above him in the orgnization who can make changes, namely Obie, Mitchell, and Bob Young. I don't want to get off topic, but if an organization is floundering, these positions must take action to right the ship just like any other business. Depending on his contract provisions there may be something that can be done. We will just have to wait and see what develops in the off season. All good suggestions though.

Longtimefan.. Right on. I would not be surprised if Obie, Mitchell and Young find George some help on the Offense side of the ball. As far as the Defensive side of the ball thats a given. As usal this should be another entertaining off season watching the management team fix a leaking ship.

I'm fine with Cortez running the show. He's learning, and in the process has provided a terrific offense and special teams. Look for adjustments to the D in the off season.

I'd also look for changes in the front office.

Mitchell's time as president is quickly coming to a close (thankfully)!

8) You obviously did not read the above posts !!!
  Cortez has complete control over his ass. coaches !!

  Besides that, Obie will be gone (2013), and Mitchell (2014), so they don't have much say in it !!!

   Cortez has more power than Obie at this point as far as player personnel goes !!

    Cortez has complete control over who starts, and the rest of the players at this point !!

The front office and Scott Mitchell, the President position, I could care less about (as long as Rogers doesn't own the Ticats then that's a different story :wink: and no offence to Scott Mitchell at all) but yes, Cortez running the show is fine with me and I'm thinking this team will be legit GC contenders in a year or so.

Cortez with this much control means basically Obie is gonzo, at least part of the reason, and Obie knows that I think. We arent' talking a youngster here in George Cortez.

Cortez is being groomed as "the man" with this team and I'm fine with that. You don't be a qb coach with an NFL team if you don't know what you are doing and as well with CFL coaching experience. Cortez IS the man and it's going to work out very, very excellent IMHO.

Defence is an issue though as we all know.

It wouldn't be a lateral move in the same way that Jones' was because Burke will be out of a job. If he is not retained as the team's head coach, I can't see them bringing him back as the defensive coordinator. As much as I never try to advocate for the firing of any coach, if Burke does become available, the Cats should pursue him hard. I'm all for allowing young coaches a chance to prove themselves, and I mean longer than one season, but guys like Burke don't come free often.

Tipper...... There is nothing stopping Obie, Mitchell and Young from adjusting Georges role and responsibilities. A successeful organization will do from time to time once they realize the current orgainization reporting and responsibility flow is not working. From where I sit, and from what others have identified, George has too much on his plate. Obviously, something has too change including Obie and Mitchell and perhaps the wildcard, Joe Womack.

I really like this idea and unfortunately I think it will work. What will happen is they'll make the signings and advertise the season with such great hope, have a few promotions to go see the Cats in London or whatever, then they go 3-15. Here comes another offseason of false hope...

You're telling me Cortez does not look interested? :lol:

His contract might.

IIRC, it was assurances that he’d have substantial control on the football side, that enticed him to leave the NFL.

I wouldn’t be surprised that such control is enshrined within his contract.


Drew Edwards reports that [b][u][i]Cortez has signed a four-year deal that gives him complete control over his assistants and over the 53-man roster[/i][/u][/b], while O'Billovich will remain in day-to-day control over most of the player personnel side (recruiting players, negotiating contracts, running free agent camps). That could carry potential for organizational conflict like we saw in Saskatchewan, but O'Billovich and Cortez have experience together, and Cortez is expected to be involved in personnel decisions as well. We'll see how it plays out.
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You make it sound like absolutely nobody can touch Cortez. I'm sure that if we continue to slide and show no progress in the next year or so then what's gonna stop the Caretaker from sitting down with George and restructuring his role. Bob Young and Mitchell could come in and say "look George it's not quite working out as planned so we're going to get you some help". George might retain his full salary but have a reduced responsibility more akin to a regular HC. If Cortez is that stubborn and ego-driven that he would refuse such a proposition then it might be better to fire him.

Personally I would give Cortez one more year to sort out the wrinkles but that's it.

I have to agree with this. If I can take the idea a little bit further...

I have a similar and related interpretation of what is happening in the coaching / front office department with the Cats.

First, while Cortez has been given all the player control, he has not been given the opportunity to pick his players. He inherited a team and players that were decided on by another coach and has had to make due. He may pick the players that see the field from game to game and practice to practice, but his talent pool is limited.

Second, Cortez has made it clear that he intended to run certain systems with a certain philosophy and has done just that; particularly on defence. He is playing his systems with inherited players who may or may not be suited to how Coach Cortez wants to run his team. Also, with players he knows little about, how can he be sure what talent he has without seeing the players play in the system he wants to use? It is a process to build a winner and deciding who can play and stay and who can’t and goes is perhaps the most difficult undertaking of the whole process.

Third, existing contracts and the lack of available replacement talent (perhaps paired with a short period of time between accepting the position and the opening of camp) have made the effects of the above more prominent and more difficult to remedy. You can’t just ship guys in and out as if the on field product is the only consideration. George didn’t pick the players he has, he has been forced to work with them and to work around existing contracts and other considerations. It is not as easy to build a winner as some seem to think.

Fourth, I believe that the 4 year length of Cortez’s contract is telling. It tells me that he made things clear to management on how he wants to build the team into a winner and that he further made it clear that he could not do so overnight. I for one do not believe that he has been misleading in his approach to coaching the team and developing a system and that the failure of the on field product should not be fully on him. He is doing exactly what he said he would and the results are a product of the materials he was given to start his campaign with not necessarily with what he brings to the team. Time will tell how Cortez works out.

I read quite a bit of rhetoric on this site that in short boils down to arguments based on the flimsiest of premises. The best is the “I can tell that he can’t coach by his demeanor on the sideline and how he handles himself in front of the media? crap that passes as a good reason to fire Cortez. The attacks on Creehan are the purest example of that type of garbage. It seems odd to me that the “experts? who decry Creehan’s system and coaching as a complete failure have not considered that, with small tweaks in personnel, the system has provided excellent results. The recent wins against Montreal and Edmonton are prime examples.

I guess something like that is good in that at least its being written that proves that the fan still has passion. However, unless you have the inside knowledge that can only be realized by being in the office, on the field practice after practice, and in the coaches meetings, you just can’t know what is going on and how good or bad a person’s skills are.

But that’s just my take…


BillyDee87 Great post.

I'll second that Wildcats.

Your right. We don't have the inside track. But you are wrong that we are not able to assess a person's skills. In pro sports the ONLY thing that matters to fans is the WIN/LOSS column. For that Cortez so far receives a miserable failing grade. Cortez demanded and took on full control of this team. Therefore he is most responsible for this pathetic season.