George Reeves was a fullback!

When are we going to see a great full-back again?

The CFL and NFL games have evolved from the 50s and 60s. Back then, fullbacks also ran with the ball. In todays games, the fullback is a blocker first and foremost. When you have a big time running back, why hand off to a fullback? Fullbacks block and run patterns. That's what they are paid to do.

George Reeves was more of a tail/running back than a fullback.

Probably liken him more to a crossover vehicle putting it this way. George REED that is! :wink:

I thought he meant Willard Reaves.

Thats who I was thinking too.

I don't know how good a fullback he was, but he was Superman.....

No....I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Christopher Reese.

Nope. George Reeves was Superman.
I don't know about Christopher Reese, but Christopher Reeve was Superman as well.
Dean Cain was Superman AND a football player. Maybe that's the guy.....

Confused? You won't be, after this week's episode of...................SOAP!

Is that guy still invisible?

george reeve... theres a great song about him by don McLain. i think its called stuck in a superman role(pardon spelling... im from alberta)

Superman's Ghost Lyrics

I don't want to be like old George Reeves
Stuck in a Superman role.
I've got a long way to go in my career
And some day my fame will make it clear
That I had to be a Superman

Verse 1
He came from another place deep in his mind
As far as the planets in space.
As galaxy's mysteries start to unwind
Some changes are bound to take place.

Though gravity constantly weighs on my travels
My mission is close to adrift
Though I can be strong when my power unravels
I still come to you for a lift.


Verse 2
I know I can fly when my plane hits the sky
I believe I've got nothing to lose.
But when I'm alone with the bed and the phone
I get the terminal metropolis blues

I flew to the coast where Superman's Ghost
Lay shot on the bedroom floor
He said "Watch out for TV it crucified me,
but it can't crucify me no more."


Verse 3
"I'm red white and blue, I've got justice to do
I'm the man of your fantasy dreams
But I'm an alien man from an alien land
Who's alive on your orthicon screens.
I once ruled the world and when flags were unfurled

I performed for you live not on tape.
But the public is cruel when played for a fool
As you see by the blood on my cape."


Verse 4

"Well I never was real or stronger than steel.
I'm a figment of Freudian need.
And the video screen is a psychotic scene
And it's all done with mirrors and green

My agent just called, the talks have been stalled
I soon will be pulled from the air.
But the image persists in the video mists
That a Superman still will be there!"

Watch any game footage from the 70's miami dolphins and look at their fullback, Larry Zsonka....the guy was a truck and rushed for over 1000 yrds a couple of times.

but did he have a folk song written about him like reeves?

He sure didn't....but was Reeves the host of the original american gladiators? :smiley:

In recent memory I would put Mike Sellers right up there. He didn't put up huge yards rushing but likely could have had it not been for an equally outstanding Charles Roberts. Sellers was the complete package, great blocker, great rusher, good reciever and great on special teams.

George Reed was probably the best fullback ever in CFL IMO. Willard Reeves was a pretty good RB as well. :slight_smile:

But George was like a runaway bull with his speed and power. He was listed at 6'0 205 but defenders would sware he was a 230 pounder when they tried to tackle him. I can remember reading of one DB who tried to arm tackle George, it resulted in a clean break between the elbow and shoulder.
But it was a different era in the CFL. Teams now look for 300 pound OLinemen who can be taught to pass block, run blocking is secondary. George would still be good in today's CFL but Ricky Williams showed how weak the run blocking is now in the league.