George Hudson......injury update?

I missed the "Tiger-Cat Show" today on CHML and usually Coach Lancaster has a better handle on the injuries from the previous game....did he give us an update on Hudson at all?......his injury looked painful last night..

(my apologies if someone has already brought this up today)

When asked by Ted Michaels about the injury to George Hudson, Coach Lancaster said "'s not good". He also said that Hudson is using crutches and will be evaluated by doctors tomorrow.

I am betting it ACL or MCL He gone for the year

Thanks TCTD....I was curious.....

We'll have to wait for the final doctors evaluation I sense speculating until the report is in....

He's done for the year.

oh crap. I was hoping he wouldn't be.

Of course you should probably wait until the official announcement cause ive been known to be wrong.... actually.... i havnt :wink:

And your modesty has always been one of my fav things about you :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Except with your spelling of "haven't". :wink:

R U not a fan of my online short type?

CH Just Said His ACL is Tore He is Done.

I knew it

Dammit that really stinks. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

Had to be that fart Gass. :lol:

Thank you Crash, for your usual mis-spelled, poorly punctuated announcement.

Luckily for those of us on this web site, you know a thing or two about football, so keep writing.

Whenever I need a laugh, I look for your entries.

I think Crash has a message for you, rocky

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Sorry Ron, It's not opening. I just get a message saying, "This page cannot be displayed."

What a shame about losing George Hudson . As well as the pain he was no doubt in when the took him off on the cart on Sat night ; you could see the disappointment on his face .

All the best George and I hope your recovery is complete and we see you again next year .