George Cortez

Per Arash Madani's Twitter feed, "Per #CFL sources: George Cortez will not return as #Riders offensive coordinator next season."

No confirmation at this time on

Yeah...I posted about this about a week ago. Its already went down but they are abiding by the no major announcement blackout until 3 days post GC request from the CFL

which is all well and good, but next question now is who can we get that is talented to replace Cortez.. dont say Bellefueille or Chapdalaine please

am on the fence re: LaPolice .... dont think so

lapo would be gone again on the first HC sniff

Y'all know what my answer is: good riddance.

that's really too bad, you certainly don't change coaches because of a few whining fans. we lost half of our team last winter and for anyone to expect us to be the same is wrong. georges record speaks for itself. so hear we are again , starting over, I expect we will not do so good as Durant will once again have a knew system to learn, while i'll bet the stampeders won't lose half of their team as we did, after winning the grey cup. not like our team, i'll bet most players will return to Calgary.

There were several reports through the season, especially at the end, about the frustrations with Cortez's stuborness and unwillingness to bend along with temperment at times. That was from the front office down. It was not a "few" whining fans, it was the vast majority of the fan base, along with several persons within the organization that were growing too frustrated. Cortez is a brilliant football mind, but he needs to learn to be willing to be more flexible. Perhaps this will help him with that, I hope it does.

we need is stability, and we will never get it if your changing coaches every year, perhaps he just needed to bring in a quarterback to help with the q.b.s . Durant has a knew o.c. every year, that's ridiculous. stability man stability, find someone and let them do there job. tom burgess ? maybe Anthony callvillo ?

As I said in another post Anthony most likely will be the new OC in Montreal. Garcia is out and BC is rumored to be interested in him for head coach. That I would be a bit shocked due to his over all lack of experience but you never know. Lapo would be a solid choice for BC. He has the knowledge and the experience. BC will be looking to get results pretty fast I would think after the last couple of seasons so I would put Lapo in the lead for the spot. Garcia would probably make a good OC and I hope the Riders check him out at the very least.

if they are not happy with him they are not happy with him. Previous OCs have left the role due to promotions, and you can be assured that multiple conversations with multiple parties would be had before pulling the trigger on this...the 4 most influencial being Hoppy, DD, Chamblin and BT. Is sticking with a coach that is causing frustration stability? perhaps, but not the kind you want. DD went from no comment on Cortez returning in 2014 to stating he would like an independant QB coach to saying he would like to see Joseph back. DD doesn't say much about staff, so that says a lot.

This season DD went down and there was some aweful playcalling. Don't get me wrong, you are going to struggle without DD, but one game it was all handoffs, one game is was all throws, one game there wasnt more than 3 short passes, the WSF summed up his unwillingness to adjust. He laid down a great gameplan the week before then spat on it. Beyond that, it was Cortez who sat people after fumbling, not Chamblin. Chamblin was embarressed by the attention.

2013 was unable to adapt the team at all when Sheets went down last season. The team won by running and it was Sheets, no run. DDs legs won that cup, not the play calling.

I've generally been a Cortez booster, but this seems a situation that would probably be healthiest for all to see him depart, including Cortez. It might be an eye opener for him.

then I would go hard after dave Dickenson. because if they keep this up no coaches will want to come here either, then we will falter worse , this organization had stability with hopson, now they must do that with the coaches to, how long has hufnagel and Dickenson been in calgary??? how many o.c.'s have we haD SINCE THEN. find someone and leave them do their job, just because you have one bad year doesn't mean you fire everyone. we had the expansion draft to. to hard to replace all the players we lost and George must have done what he thought was best for the team.

Dave isn't going anywhere. Not a chance. Does not matter if Huff steps aside or not. He will not depart Calgary while his wife is working and has been pretty upfront about that. Dave has realistically been calling plays outright for I believe 2 years. He was OC in name, but reallisticallyHuff's assistant. Huff got a rare landing there where the person was not willing to leave the city. Dave would simply not be working in the CFL if things didn't pan out with the Stamps. Dave has been offered multiple other opportunities.

well I think an offensive coach is needed to help the offensive ricky ray???? it will be interesting to see what they come up with any how.

Ricky Ray is not going to retire to become the OC anywhere.
I named about a half dozen viable options in another thread

well I like joseoh as a player, just not sure if he's coaching material, but I don't know much about him.

Has there been an OC in Sask that Durant has supported?

Durant keeps pretty silent about staff and players in general, other than his high regard for a few guys. Anything he says would be behind closed doors, which is why his statement was so huge. He seemed to like Miller and Lapo, even seemed to like Dyce.

Ok..His open disdain for Marshall and Berry made me ponder the question.

well, i think those two names speak for themselves lol
I can understand him venting on it