George Cortez

Cortez aurait passé une deuxième entrevue à Winnipeg.

L’article de TSN mentionne que les Bou! Bombers auraient demandé la permission de parler à O’Shea, mais ne dit pas si Barker leur a fermé la porte ou pas. En tout cas, ça laisse à penser qu’il ne leur a pas donné cette permission.

If Barker allowed Jones to interview with Edmonton he is not going to stop O`Shea. Teams do not prevent assistants from head coaching opportunities unless very late in the process.

D&P brought up Cortez in another thread and he would not be a bad choice for the Alouettes, but it is unlikely to happen because there is no sense of urgency here.

Amongst the names mentioned, George Cortez would be the best choice for Winnipeg.


Great, other teams are getting their ducks in a row and we're sitting around with our thumb up our behinds, because our owner is being held hostage by our GM and his NFL aspirations...

Well until all the HC vacancies are filled. It is pretty much impossible to hire anyone with experience. No coordinators have been named anywhere yet. Remember we have a HC :lol:

We sure do..... :oops: