George Cortez

How's George doing with the Bill's. I find NFL too dull to watch but am wondering if he's succeeding. While we're at it how about Cam Wake?

I guess opening a newspaper is out of the question ?

Let's go Buffalo!!!
Too bad they're more concerned with the race for the first overall pick than anything else.Why bother?It's not like they know how to build a team anyways :lol:

You might find what you're looking for on this site:

Was Cortez offence or defence? If it’s the former he’s doing OK, if it’s the latter…

I guess Cortez was tired of the challenge the CFL had for him.. wanted to have a break! :lol:

I guess answering a question is out of the question :?

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The Bills have sucked no doubt but now they just might be on the upswing with Fitzpatrick as the starter. Meanwhile it appears Trent Edwards, whom they let go, will get more of a shot before too long in Jacksonville.

The biggest problem down in JAX though, to be fair, is they ought to have let go of Jack Del Rio as coach years ago because as a coach he really sucks overall.

But hey but for a 59-yd field goal as a Colts fan, I say fine keep him until perhaps they move that sorry team in a sorry town to LA.