George Cortez not returning to Riders

As if Rider fans are the only ones that say this, you've heard of TSN , right ?

I'm a little confused....Is this the same Chamblin who was voted "Coach of the year" last year ? The same "Cortez" who was lauded as an Offensive genius and an absolute guru when it came to game planning that same year ? The same guy named Hall who coached a Rock solid defense that ran roughshod over everyone on the way to the Grey Cup ? The same Taman who went out and signed everybody in sight who had a throw the budget out the window in a win the Cup at all costs attitude ? :? .....or am I getting these guys mixed up with someone else ? :wink: :cowboy:

Durant saw the bleak prospect of making it to the cup and decided not to risk his further recovery and future, as little as there is left of it. It speaks volumes of his "dedication" to his team. Taman did such a terrible job of locating a replacement so far, the team should have someone more capable shopping for that new quarterback.

It's really no surprise that they won last year with a stacked team, over the salary cap. Now, that they are living within the league mandated limit, suddenly and "mysteriously" they are no longer so invincible. But, since you can't admonish the salary cap administrator for the downfall, getting rid of the coaching staff is the next best thing.

Let's see how effective the offense will be without George next year.

Chamblin is quickly running out of people to blame.

Have a look for yourselves how quickly things change when things don't go quite as you want them too :roll:
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Bobo8224 wrote:
Isn't it amazing the sense of entitlement mentality when everything is going your way that a lot of Rider fans show. In 2013 when they had a win at all costs,because the Cup is in Regina approach,the fans were falling all over themselves with their high praise of their "coach of the year" and his coaching staff and the team that was bought and paid for with a the Hell with everything else attitude of GM Taman. I have to laugh at how quick things change in a year,when suddenly the team has some adversity and things don't go quite their way,suddenly much like a spoiled pampered child,Rider nation is pulling a hissy fit and throwing pablum from their high chair. It just goes to show you how fickle and shortsighted a lot of them really are. Well all I've got to say is Good Luck to ya's this year,hope you enjoyed your bought and paid for Grey Cup of 2013 because believe me you will be paying for it this year with a new coaching staff and a roster full of new players.

The arrogance and the "full of themselves" attitude that some of the sask fans exhibited back then was hard to take. Then, shortly after the end of that season, to hear that this same team was over the salary cap, but because they were so flush with money could easily just thumb their collective noses at the rule, made me ill.

I found their team's difficulties this year such a vindication. It had karma written all over it. Then when the Tiger Cats kicked their backsides here brought an even bigger smile.

I guess money can't buy you everything, like class and honour.

TSN is not exactly famous for their objective coverage of the CFL.

In fairness the team was doing well until Durant went down. Tough to win in the CFL without a QB.

I don't blame Taman. He was pushed and shoved by Chamblin on one side and Hopson on the other to buy a CUP at any cost. He did say at the time it would cause problems down the road. He also lost his backup QB in the expansion draft. Anyway it looks like he and Chamblin are prepared to rebuild, they don't really have a choice and they have a good NI base to work with.