George Cortez not returning to Riders

George Cortez will not be back with Riders. Should we bring the pen eater back to run our offense? I thought he got a raw deal at the end of his tenure as head coach. He has a great offensive mind and could do wonders with the young talent we have.

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I don't think after back to back grey cup appearances that we are looking to making coaching changes

I would say “never say never,” but it is harder to get someone to return to a place where he/she’s been fired. Cortez has a significant body of work as an OC in Canada and will land on his feet on either side of the border. No Sharpie should feel safe as I expect he will return to run some offense in the near future as long as he wants to coach. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Another victim at the hands of Durant. Stop him before he kills another coach.

I thought this was mentioned during Grey cup week.
I think this is a big mistake on the Riders part, any team should want him as their O.C.

Would he be a Austin kinda guy? The past years with KA we havent had the most explosive offense but it kinda works.

Kinda looks like Chamblin is cleaning house, during Grey cup week, Richie Hall was also rumored to be on the way out. Time will tell.

The reasons why the Tiger cats have not had an explosive: O Line has been a problem for several years. There is no deep receiver threat with speed and soft hands. While running the ball was not a priority probably because of the O Line blocking Austin and Condell have found a fairy good running back Nick Grigsby.

Too bad Ottawa hired Mass, Cortez would be a great fit there.

I don't think Austin would drop Condell for Cortez. Austin's offense is very complicated
and I'm sure that he and Cortez would be at odds.

I think so too. Cortez likes to run the ball. :lol:

There's no room at all for anyone to be hired as OC with the Austin/Condell combination. That's the way they work.
Works for me, even though I sometimes groan at some of the play calls. :slight_smile:

Dear God, I hope nobody is seriously suggesting that Cortez come back here? He was a complete disaster, and add the fact that he's a completely smug, arrogant jerk, we need Hamilton to be a Cortez-free zone.

I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but I share the sentiment. No thanks re George C. I preferred Marcel B. by a long shot.

Cortez wouldn't be a good fit here. The players are getting familiar with Condell's offence but it's taken time. Why start from square one with Cortez?

An Argo-Cat fan

I find it difficult to blame George Cortez for the greenies offensive results this season. Durant never looked so good (until his injury). After that there was a severe lack of quarterbacking talent to work with. George is a co-ordinator, not a miracle worker.

Chamblin was clearly looking for scapegoats and is using his OC and DC as his targets. Self preservation was his REAL reason.

Instead of throwing his staff under the bus, the head coach should be taking stock in the mirror.

If Hamilton were shopping for an offensive Co-ordinator, I would take George Cortez in a heart beat.

Yer back!

All true. The other big question in Regina will be Durant's future. If a QB who has been medically cleared refuses to take the field claiming he's not "mentally ready". Do you want that as the leader of your football team ? If that wasn't enough he claimed they were just toying with the media so by extension their fans about a possible return when in fact he had no intention of returning this season. Durant will be around for another year or two they have no alternative in the immediate future. I suspect Taman will make an offer to Glenn and start looking at developing a quarterback in Regina next season.

Funny many a rider fans taking the "move along-nothing to see here" attitude despite Taman/Chamblin completely mismanaging its RBs, backup QBs and Durant's recovery, huge FA list and now throwing Cortez and Hall under the bus ?
This is supposed to be the model franchise ?

Whoever told you this, must not live outside the province of Saskatchewan.