George Cortez and a CIS head coaching scenario

The Hamilton Ti Cats are into George Cortez for three more years at a Head coaches salary. Cortez will most likely be able to get a job next season somewhere in the CFL, NCAA, or NFL as an Offensive Coordinator but will most likely not get a head coaching job and would most likley not receive the 400K plus a year salary he will be receiving from Hamilton.

Cortez has stated he wants to coach next season no question.
There is a Head coaching Vacancy about an hour away at Wilfred Laurier University. If Cortez were to coach at Laurier as a volunteer coach he would still be getting paid by Hamilton for 3 more season’s and still get the chance to coach and a head coach at that.

Cortez would be able to Groom the next head coach that Laurier may be interested in and be able to sign a Full Time Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator with one of them to take over for Cortez when he leaves.

QB. With Cortez at Luarier he will need a top QB to run his offense. There are two current experienced Canadian QBs available and looking for a school who played Juniors in the BCFC.

JORDAN YANTZ has two years of eligibility left in the CIS after 5 years in the Juniors as the top QB while playing for the VI Raiders. Yantz has also spent last in the BC Lions training camp as their 4th QB. From Regina the RAMS may be an option as well as staying in BC going to UBC

GREG BOWCOTT was the starting QB for the second half of the season during his freshman year for SFU in the NCAA DII so he has been a starter at this level before. He was replaced by a US kid for the 2011 He left SFU and led the Langley Rams over Jordan Yantz and the VI Raiders earning a spot in the 2012 Canadian Bowl where he and the Rams nearly upset the the power house Saskatoon. he will also have two years of eligibility left in the CIS but being from Abbortsfordand playing for Langley he may be looking at UBC

I am quite sure that they would seriously consider Laurier with the chance to play for Cortez if the chance presented itself for them to start in 2013.

The OUA is the top conference from top to middle to bottom and if Cortez spent three seasons and turns the program back around this could open up other more High profile HC jobs in the NCAA.

He may also be able to get some of his current assistants to come with him that are let go from Hamilton but would still be under contract to get paid next season.

If more coaches did this instead of accepting a buyout for a lesser paying job teams may not be so quick to pull the trigger. For example, Marcel Bellefuille went to the UFL and surely did not get paid. I am not sure how many years the Ti Cats had left to pay Bellefuille but his former school the Ottawa Gee Gees would have welcomed him with open arms this season especially if he came on as a volunteer coach getting his pay from the Ti Cats. An Ottawa born and raised Canadian with much success at Ottawa and the CIS level the Gee Gees would not have had to endure that Wing T offense which basically ruined their playoff hopes. He is now out of a job and not getting paid.
It would also get CIS players the better coaching that they would need to succeed at the next level.

Just curious to see what anyones thoughts are on this and whether anyone thinks that this could work.