George Black... Super Investigator!

Mr. Black... When I ask my son if he threw the rock through the window.. his first respondse was to say "No".. after a little prodding, the truth finally comes out. Hey Refs.. Did you watch the replay on the Jumbotron? "No"
OK.. 25 players on the sideline, and the entire couching staff saw them do it..!
Gearge.. Thats called Evedence.. Make yourself fermilliar with it!

Gearge appears to be the Inspector Clouseau of the CFL!

Right on BIggDoggy! George Black is Inspector Clouseau and his officiating gang in that game are the KEYSTONE KOPS! Let's review everything that Mr. Black, the KK and Mr. Wright said on this matter: There was a fumble, no, there was no fumble; there was a touchdown, no there was not a touchdown; there was no whistle to end the play, no you don't need a whistle to end the play; the refs looked at the JumboTron, no they didn't look at the Jumbo Tron; The CFL has a play review system, no they don't have a play review system! Whew we need some clarification no; maybe not it is now all as clear as mud to us!

they made the right call. i don't care if they called a psychic. let it go already.

To Blackdale: It obviously did not hurt your team. Otherwise you would not feel that way. Maybe you think that they should hire psychics to officiate CFL games.
This situation is like the fellow who went to the doctor and was told that he required to perform Surgery on him. He asked the doctor if it was Major surgery or Minor surgery. The doctor told him the following: "If it is performed on you, it's MAJOR Surgery, however if it is performed on someone else, it is MINOR Surgery"
Therefore because it's obviously not happened to your team the result is no big deal. Like you said, you don't care. To us here in Ottawa, it is still a very big deal.

I missed the play, but I know a guy who knows a guy who was one of the officials at that game. Here's how he explained it, more or less:

An official can only call the play dead if they see that the player has the ball and is down by contact. When no one stops the play, and someone crosses the goal line with the ball, the nearest official signals a touchdown. But then they always get together to discuss it, and it was during that discussion that they determined that Avery was down. They did not change the call after the fact, because the ball had not been spotted for the convert, although the players had already begun lining up for it, which they always do.

So I guess a play isn't really final until the ball is set for the next play.

To BigDave:
Yes, except for three other points that occurred:

  1. According to all the officials there NOBODY was sure that it was not a fumble (this defaults to that IT WAS A FUMBLE)
  2. The officials looked at the JUMBOTRON prior to making a final decision. This is not permitted since the CFL does not have a proper review system in place.
  3. They guessed at where to spot the ball after they made their reversed decision because not one of the officials had marked that spot because they all believed that it was a fumble at that point during the play!
    It's like you began in your comment. You guessed, that a play isn't really final until the ball is set for the next play. the officials also guessed. This is where part of the problem remains, they want us to believe that it was a well thought out result. It clearly wasn't. In the meantime this hurt the future attendance in Ottawa which translates into a heck of a lot of lost revenue for the Renegades Franchise.

If one "botched" call hurts the future attendance in Ottawa, then you've got bigger problems. Something tells me there's more involved in attendance numbers than a questionable call. Just a sneaking suspicion. . .

to all ottawa fans. believe me, i can sypathize with your frustrations. i understand your need to vent and rant. living through the reinbold era was as bad as it gets with the exception that our team never actually left. but once the focus of the frustration is aimed at things other than the performance of the organization itself improvement stops. if that call hurt you because it was the wrong call I would allow you to rant on it for the rest of the year. heck i might join you. BUT it was the right call and so it did not hurt you. had the mistake been made and you received a td it could have led to a ottawa victory. then there would be something for cfl fans to rant about. i want ottawa to be a contender but not through illegitimate means.

and as for that analogy??? it would be more like going to the doctor with pneumonia and he examines your toes and diagnoses you with pneumonia. the fact that they don't know what they are doing doesn't change the fact that they got it right.

and i do not believe it has anything to do with what team it happened against. please tell me when i came on and ranted about a call that 'hurt' my bombers when the call was correct or even questionable for that matter.
people on here like to rant about the officials.. they are no worse than they ever were. we just have more cameras showing us their mistakes now. and the media likes to dwell on them. when was the last time the media spent time showing difficult calls and glorifying the refs for getting the calls right. " wow , did you see that. i don't know how they managed to see that but they got it right again" doesn't get the attn a missed call gets that for sure.

You're very right, that call, and others like it do get a lot of attention. However, when Glen Suitor calls a game on TSN, he will often point out good calls by the officials. It's too bad that this praise doesn't make it to the highlights played on the news.

wrong. this defaults to the player who was last KNOWN to hold posession of the ball. Which was Avery.