George Black makes a statment on some of the calls Edm v Cal

George Black explains Cal-Edm calls . . .
Finally had a chance to catch up with CFL director of officiating George Black to talk about some of the calls in last Saturday’s Calgary-Edmonton game. Some of you asked for clarifications, so hopefully these comments help . . .

On Nik Lewis’ second-half catch that was blown dead when it appeared he wasn't touched:
“When two guys are going up and contending for the football and there’s some contact, even if it’s incidental, if he (the player with the ball) goes to ground, we’re going to blow it dead.
“It’s a rule of thumb, a procedure that we try to encourage the guys to do. It’s not down by contact, it’s down with contact. I’m not 100 per cent sure (of the call), but I can understand why the guy made the call.? The game tape doesn't provide a clear view but the TV tape shows that Lewis wasn't touched at all. This should have been a Calgary touchdown but the drive resulted in a field goal. Officials should have let the play go and allowed themselves the opportunity to correct it with a review. This is something they're trying to drill into the CFL officials. In the NFL, many plays don't even end with whistles because officials are trained to let plays stop on their own and remain reviewable.

On Trevor Gaylor’s catch that was overturned after review:
“It really was a 50/50 proposition. The official felt never he consolidated possession of the ball until he plunked it on the ground. Do I agree with the call? Not 100 per cent.? George felt there was no truly correct or incorrect call. The thing I find a bit disturbing about the call is that it was overturned despite a lack of irrefutable evidence.

On Cornelius Anthony’s hit to Ricky Ray’s head that drew a roughing the passer call:
“It’s clear. He bonks him.? Totally agree with Black.

On Tearrius George’s roughing the passer:
“There’s a bit of a glancing blow off the side of the helmet.? This was a stretch. I thought it was a bad call.

Black explained how to avoid this type of roughing penalty:
“Don’t go up in the air. Don’t put yourself in a situation, where the only thing you can do is hit the quarterback above the shoulders.
“If you’re going to block a pass, you put the decision in the hands of the officials. If you’re a player or coach, is that where you want it to be? We’re always going to err on side of protecting the quarterback. That’s our default mechanism.?

On Brandon Browner’s roughing the kicker:
“If you hit the kicking leg prior to it coming back to the ground, it’s contacting the kicker. If you hit the plant leg, it’s roughing the kicker. He (Browner) slides under the kicking leg, makes contact with (Sean) Fleming’s left ankle and sweeps him off his feet. It’s not a massive collision, its not unnecessary roughness, but he hit the plant leg.? This really should have been contacting.

Good stuff from George Black. It’s nice to have him accountable and available to discuss the officiating.

Its nice that he recognized those mistakes, but now the trick is to make sure that in the future, the officials correct those mistakes.

...for what its worth I thought the game last night was called pretty decently...

I for one am getting sick of Black's replies. You can sure tell he's an EX refereee. Seems like all Black does is try to make calls appear ambiguous or introduce some supposed 'grey area' to cover up mistakes the ref's make.

Why not just admit it to the fans when they make a mistake, tell us the steps they're making to correct the problem and let us have some closure.

That Gaylor play was a mistake. Pure and simple. That penalty on the Fleming punt, mistake.

The worst call this season was the phantom interference call on the interception in the Montreal game and they've never acknowledged that. Worse, they actually lied to probably the most informed fans in sport to protect the ref who screwed up.

Its despicable and it treats the fans who shell out their $$ like idiots.

I am sort of favouing Yukoners side on this.