Geogre White: Released... Bring him to...


Calgary Linebacker George White was released by the Stamps.

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I seriously would give him a look.

Any reasons why he was released? I don't really know him. Why would he be a possible fit here?

He's a solid linebacker, im not too sure the reason he was released and the stamps fan site is full of viruses so im not going there...

This is from his bio... last season.

Played in 17 regular season games with Calgary including the Western Semi-final...led the CFL in defensive tackles with 116 (career high) which was the second time he has achieved this in his career...also recorded 20 special team tackles (led the team), four forced fumbles (career high, tied for 1st in league and led team), three fumble recoveries (career high, tied for 3rd in CFL and team lead).

why not.. Where Need some Depth

We need a middle line backer... he's an allstar middle line backer.

Y-E-S Bring Him in! Brooks and Agustin are injured and Josue cant start another game Bring in White CFL allstar were talking about here, Make your first move Mr. Desjardins

Unless there is some compelling reason not to bring him in (i.e. if he is slowed by injuries), George White would be a big help the Ticat defence against the Argos on Labour Day.

If he was performing wouldnt Calgary have kept him or at the very least tried to trade him ??

White most likely lost he's spot to Linebacker Cornieuls Anthony who filled in for Brian Clark when he got injured earlier in the season, Anthony Impressed the coaching staff and Im guessing White became no longer useful. Although, he might have been an arguement with the coaching staff or possibly an injury all I know is that Cornieuls Anthony Impressed the coaching staff they even said so to the media & they were looking for ways to get him in the line up. Hamilton Should take a serious look at White!