who thinks geoffrey should be banned from this site ?



He is the one who is making a very valid point (albeit in a humourous way.)

and what point is that ?

Because someone started a fave movie thread he feels the need to start a hundred pointless threads to mock it.

well i would think one would be enough stop wasting space and time

I would have used the Off Topic Forum but it's too hard to find.
Plus if you don't like topic .....well you know the rest. :slight_smile:


If someone can make a pointless thread why can't someone else?

And it's not a hundred. Can anyone tell me how may pointless htreads are allowed? What's the limit? Four?

I think 5 should be the limit.

I don't know. What's the running total on KK's jibberish about the AP, expansion to Alaska, and 4-point field goals? Can ya help me out here, mods? :lol: :roll:

I would like my Topics brought back to the main forum please.
Nobody ever goes to the Off Topic forum to read my posts.
Thank you.:slight_smile:

If 5 was the limit i can think of one person that would have been gone his first 2 weeks on this site.

HEY !!! I don't think they're pointless and at least 10 other don't think so either. :frowning:

k enough