Geoff Tisdale

You mean like you showed us by picking up Ed Gainey? :smiley:

We were a bit thin on experienced players back there, which is why Austin grabbed Tisdale and Ellis. But yes, our pass rush is rather aggressive, with pressure coming from pretty much any position - another reason for needing bigger backs than the norm for the league these days. Unfortunately, we seem to be a bit thin at linebacker as well, so that could create problems with giving the ends free rein to go after the quarterback.

And you'll notice that he's now taking penalties for the green and white team! :lol: I wasn't sure he'd survive Jones' knife but it appears he did. He had some good plays for us but Ottawa's final TD in the EDF final definitely was NOT one of them! :frowning:

Other than Tisdale, can anyone think of a player who played three separate stints with the Cats? (I can't, but there must be someone in the archives ...)

Yeah, I'm surprised that SSK picked Gainey up. There's now plenty of evidence on film that he just isn't ... very good.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

My guess is that Steinauer is NOT amused after tonight's "quality Tis" performance. I'm pretty sure the fans aren't.