Geoff Tisdale?? starter next week?? i think so

From what i seen from Geoff Tisdale I would like to see him as a starter next week. He was in the game the whole time and he stayed close to his receiver all night. He picked off interceptions twice and played amazingly well. I think overall Rontarius Robinson as the safety worked pretty well for us also

I cant wait to see what Dylan Barker can do for us when he is healthy. Then it will really open the doors in our defensive secondary.

Jykine Bradley and Lawrence Gordon (Cornerbacks)
Chris Thompson and Geoff Tisdale (defensive backs)
Rontarius Robinson (safety)

Strongest group of players i have seen play this year. What do you people think?

I think our kickers are our strongest group of players.

Only little problem i have is with Bradleys tackling...sometimes he just lowers his head and he never wraps up.

Well im sure Jykine Bradley can fix that. He is overall a really good cornerback

As Been Saying since Camp Geoff Tisdale is the Real Deal.
I had people tell me I am Crazy.
Do you Believe me now ????
This kid When He came into camp was Raw.
He only knew How to play CB.
He Asked the coaches for the Playbook
This was so He learn Defence Half Back .

Then a few Weeks ago he asked to learn Special teams
He Stays on the Field after Practice to Work with Coaches.

He kind of player we want here
willing to do anything to win.

Thanks awesome, thanks for that info.

How many points did our defense give up? 24 points? still a long way to go but I think the secondary was good on sat. still need a pass rush.

what are we going to do with glasper now?

Tisdale is certainly playing with a lot more confidence now that he's been in a few games...he has a tremendous amount of talent. I also think that he is the youngest player on the team. :cowboy:
The D actually played a good game against a pretty good team.

Strongest group of players i have seen play this year. What do you people think?
What games are you watching???

Cats are last or close to it in most pass defense categories.

That is our DC Creep-hands Fault
The Type Defence we Run dose not work with out apass rush
The OLine is Getting there .
When Don't you have Blitz more
This causes Problems with our DB
Who have to stay in there zones or Man Longer.
Give Any QB Time and Find a WR open.

I read the post as “The best group the Ticats have fielded this year”

I would still like to see Zematis get a look.