Geoff Gray cut by Packers

Could Gray be heading back to the Peg???...or will he catch on somewhere else in the nfl....Luv to see the guy back here ...he's a physical specimen that would make our o line very formidable..

Bit of a shocker they didn’t keep him on the taxi squad. Well, he didn’t cost them anything as he was a FA signing - they didn’t have to burn a draft position for him!

Bisons really miss the big oaf - they were shmiced by the sickly Hilltops last nite at IGF. Of course, part of it is Brian Dobie no longer being able to roster complete teams as Bisons head coach and GM.

As far as the bombers I don’t know he makes them better - RIGHT NOW. Bomber guards Bond & Chung are de facto CFL all-stars. They ain’t gonna cut Chung and certainly ain’t gonna cut their only really powerful earth-moving o-lineman (Bond, Travis Bond).
If he wants to come back I suspect they could sign him and reserve him for a couple games, then eventually cut Paddy Neufeld loose. No harm, no foul there.

I suspect G. Gray wants to explore a couple more NFL options before he concedes his lack of NFL calibre footwork means he might not start in the NFL for 3 or 4 years - or until he address the poor footwork.

And if he washes thru 2 or more NFL camps, hoping to cling on as a reserve my main concern is confidence - that he’ll be so demoralized that even if he arrives in Winnipeg he won’t be the guy the bombers drafted (#6/#8 )

I agree Lyle that Gray will most likely try and find a spot somewhere down south BUT seriously the guy could make any club in Canada and with not much trouble...Wally for instance would be chomping at the bit...He needs pro seasoning for sure and IF he did show up here he most likely would have to be pr'd...Short term he might accept but he would have to be rostered soon making Nuefy expendable and we might actually get something for Paddy considering other teams and their plight...Lot's of conjecture here but a guy with Gray's talent and future should never/will never be back drawered...ain't gonna happen.

OR, Packers tell Gray to go sign a short term CFL, beef up, work on his dance moves and come back in two years.

Then, Bombers trade a NI OL for a serious MLB and we go to the show....

Then I woke up and remembered I always have wild dreams on a pepperoni pizza/Rolling Rock stomp.

.....Gray was picked up by another club for a look, a club who are famous for scrap heaping and cutting quick....Gray doesn't belong on anyone's pr as far as I'm concerned and he should just come home...put lot's of finish and polish into his game and finish his education, instead of drifting around like Mulumba, Bilukudi and a few others...Have a hunch we'll see him sooner rather later

No surprise Gray was cut. It’s a steep learning curve to go from CIS to the active 53 man NFL roster. Green Bay may have tried to sign Gray to their practice squad after they cut him but he accepted a spot with the Jets. The Jets were up here to scout him before the NFL draft and had interest, they may have offered him some incentives to join them in stead of the Packers PR, or maybe Gray thought there was more opportunity in NY. Going in most people thought he’d probably need a couple years of learning in the NFL before he could truly compete for a starting job anyways. Look how long Mulumba’s bounced around where he is now finally at the point where he’d consider heading to the