Genuine Question about Constant Offense resets

Time after time the receivers charged the line before the snap and then stopped, went back 5 yards in a reset, and then the play ran for the Cats.

Sure don't think it was audibles changing the play.
The Skydome is never too loud.

What gives? Anybody with more football smarts know? I've never seen this done so many times.

Basically they do this to see if the defense is going to show what kind of coverage they are playing and also if a blitz is coming. This way they can audible quickly or go to a hot route.

So did they do this so many times because they were playing against backups and thought that they would be more likely to react? As I siad, I've never seen it done so many times.

They are also looking for match ups as well. With back ups, they want to target certain guys and if they get the match up they want, they can adjust a route to match the cover man's weakness or tendencies.