Geno signs

By Rob Vanstone 02-08-2009 COMMENTS(0) Rider Rumblings

Our man Murray McCormick has a scoop: Offensive lineman Gene Makowsky, who was to become a free agent Feb. 15, has signed a new contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The deal is to be announced Monday, when Murray's story will appear in the Leader-Post.

Makowsky's signing was a given, being that he is a fixture with the Roughriders, but the announcement still qualifies as good news. He is merely the West Division's reigning lineman-of-the-year, and one of the nicest people on the planet.

And he also has a blog

nice to see

Awesome signing.......

It may be "no big news " to some ,but for me it's a real nice feeling of familiarity to have # 60 back in Rider Green.

it's also nice to see a Rob Vanstone Rider football blog NOT being deleated.......

nice signing

Not a big surprise but great news!

Glad he is back. Now we just need to lock in Lloyd, Abou-Mechrek and (maybe) Boreham and I'll be happy