Genius Sports, CFL agree to sports data and global technology partnership to grow fan engagement, extend media reach

Also regardless of what one thinks, no knock no opportunity and closed mouths do not get fed and all that too…

Knocking that door for a slim chance by the CFL with any given media partner is still better than doing nothing at all, for the latter guarantees you ZERO and any business operating like that will go to ZERO before too long too.

Now go home and research this subject some more tomorrow and get a report on my desk no later than 0600 Thursday morning.

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Since this post in January 2022,

The NFL has done a deal with Netflix for three games in the 2024 season and a few more in the following two seasons.

The CFL has a CBS cable-only deal through 2026, which started in 2023.

Note also that Paramount Global, the owner of CBS, is in play now to be acquired, so that would change up a few things as well.

After 2026, maybe Netflix would be for consideration by the CFL for certain media rights in the US? I’m game for that too.

And then the other games would still be on CFL+ I figure.