Genius Sports, CFL agree to sports data and global technology partnership to grow fan engagement, extend media reach

NEW YORK, US & LONDON, UK — Genius Sports Limited (NYSE:GENI) (“Genius Sports” or “the Company”), the official data, technology and commercial partner that powers the ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media, announced on Friday a landmark strategic partnership with the Canadian Football League (“CFL” or “the League”), the second largest football league globally with over 100 years of history.

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Sounds like a major win in terms of data distribution, fan engagement, broadcast reporting, etc. Also sounds like the league is turning into a giant casino.

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I'm kind of lost on globalization of the CFL, at least until things improve at home and USA first.

I'm not into gambling, I guess it works? I'll call Vegas and get back to you.

Just hope we're not purchasing magic beans.

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I live in Kitchener. I never ever see any sort of advertising or outreach in KW, Cambridge, Guelph or London. That's close to 2 million people, most of whom live within an hour of Hamilton and Toronto. I can't wrap my head around how nothing is ever promoted here


The first two paragraphs read like someone copy & pasted from the contract itself.

Also, "highly targeted and personalized fan engagement solutions" sounds a lot like "ads and activity tracking", which are two things I wish the internet would move away from. Probably never going to happen tho.

But overall, this sounds like a good move for the league.

Never seen any promoting down St.Catharines - Niagara way either!!

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It's just jargon. Even worse is their insertion of the word "solutions", the most widely used piece of corporate jargon these days. As soon as any business enterprise offers me "solutions", I tune out quite simply because that's what everybody claims to offer. I want to be shown the specific unique product.


Sad. And some wonder why the CFL has a problem with disinterest in southwestern Ontario.


~"This partnership will help facilitate the CFL’s growth ambitions, expanding its audience in the U.S., while extending its reach into new international markets. Genius Sports will help the CFL to capitalize on the growth of the North American sports betting market, maximizing revenue and engagement opportunities.~"

So now those South of the 49th Parallel are suddenly going to fall in love with 3 downs and the rouge? Conspiracy theory here - I wonder if they aren't going to make another run at US expansion again? And why are people around the globe going to start watching CFL football? Then NFL has some traction internationally but soccer is still king of the hill.

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Better to try something new than hold on to the same old "We tried nothin' and we're all outta ideas"

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Back in 2014 I was at a bar in Anaheim California. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a CFL game being played on every TV Screen in the bar! Football is football.