Genius Sports and CFL

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...s sports or anything… oh wait…… Why would TSN and Genius not announce this first and implement it for CFL games on TSN. Again just shows TSN just does not care to promote the CFL.and of course it will be offered on CTV main network station as well. Not one word in John Kryk story about the CFL and Genius sports already having a partnership=

My god those genius sports NFL player graphics are simply awful. Reminds me of when US networks put a tracer on the puck for hockey games. Very distracting and amateur ish. Hope we don't see this in the CFL


I think that all of these kinds of things will be controllable by the viewers, at least if you're watching on a smart device. Don't expect them to be on the main TSN broadcasts.


“TSN+ allows fans to go deeper into TSN’s world-leading live sports portfolio with augmented feeds, multi-casts, and additional featured content from our marquee properties, including the NFL,” said Shawn Redmond, VP, Bell Media Sports . “We’re thrilled to partner with Genius Sports to deliver these world-exclusive, data-enhanced augmented broadcasts for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LVII to TSN+ users.”

So digging deeper via the announcement directly from Genius Sports,

just who is Shawn Redmond?

According to Mr. Redmond's LinkedIn his prior experience, before joining Bell Media in late 2018, was at TSN for 13 years.

And so as Bell and Rogers own 75% of MLSE with the other 25% owned by a company owned by Larry Tanenbaum who is the Chairman of MLSE, well there are more dots to connect here now and forward as the plot thickens beyond the relationship of only Genius Sports with the CFL.

Down here in the US a better deal with ESPN certainly would be welcome via the auspices of all these aforementioned parties, but as noted in the streaming thread, Disney is in plenty of disarray now as various sharks circle.

With a proxy fight in progress and whatever its result(s), it looks like in 2023 we will see the largest restructuring of Disney and all owned companies at least ever since Disney bought Capital Cities / ABC in 1995, which had owned ESPN since 1984.

In turn the open question is just how Genius' efforts to market the CFL in the US will be affected especially if they are able to steer clear of the privileged and favoured company ESPN, which has not earned its keep for sake of promotion of the CFL in the US and is already not pulling its weight for the XFL 3.5.

Unless you are the NCAA or some sport or team that is big in New York City or Boston, ESPN is a LOUSY media partner perhaps unless and until overhauled into a new company, and then why would you want to bother with that rookie reorganization experiment and noise in the aftermath of the inevitable massive reorganization at Disney?


Hey Ambrosie, Genius Sports, and the CFL!

If LIV golf can get a BROADCAST TV deal in the US, so can the CFL!

Get on with it and beyond this Disney and ESPN circus all on behalf of Bell, Tanenbaum and all their cronies for sake of their personal gain and any given number of favours to their friends at Disney in exchange for whatever non-taxable benefits whenever they visit the US.


The CW? It is a start - From what I could find the CW covers 99.80% of all households in the United States with at least one television set.


Weren't the CW going through a reorganization recently?

Yes. Here is one article about the matter after the closing by the new owner on 30 September, and CW is really moving things around and cleaning house.

As they did the deal with LIV and as noted below with one NBA team, CW clearly want live sports for content as well.

Nexstar CEO Perry Sook and execs of the nation’s biggest broadcaster said its imprimatur will be evident on The CW schedule for the 2023-2024 season with lower cost, broader appeal, and more unscripted fare and minimal content from former co-owners Warner Brothers Discovery and Paramount Global.

There may some contractual holdovers. And going forward, “Warner and Paramount are not precluded from selling us programming. It’s just going to have to be a financial deal that we like. And there may be a couple of shows that distinguish themselves this year that we want to hold over to next year,” Sook told investors on a call following third quarter earnings. Nexstar, the biggest owner of The CW affiliates, closed its purchase of the network on Sept. 30, the last day of the quarter.

Sook also noted a recent deal with Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer to air 15 NBA games this season exclusively on affiliate KTLA and said Nexstar is in talks with a other team owners in in areas where Nexstar has CW or other stations with the bandwidth to air games. The Clipper deal was announced in September, in consultation and with the consent of RSNs, which will have the rest of the games, and hope to pique viewers’ interest in a regional sports package. “It’s a kind of welcome mat package,” Sook said.


Interesting the deal with Balmer - I would bet that the CW got a screaming deal on the Clippers content. Balmer is waging war on the Lakers and has been working on trying to get the Clippers to be somewhat relevant. 15 Clipper games on broadcast TV should help them somewhat.

In regard to the CFL and being on broadcast TV in the USA is that half the CFL season happens during the NFL/NCAA season when the airwaves are awash in football. 14 to 16 NFL games a week and hundreds of NCAA games a week on all the different levels.

It will be interesting to see what else the CW can pick up in regards to sports broadcasting content.


If the CFL wants to give away their rights for free like LIV is doing, any sport can get on US tv.

Linear tv audiences & revenues are in a secular decline. So, linear tv networks will only pay up for tier 1 leagues/sports.

Third tier & below get on tv if they offer their rights for free/cheap and/or pay for production costs. Maybe they get to share the ad revenue. These properties don't have any other options. So, they play the long game.

The middle leagues/sports can get paid by streamers. So, it doesn't make sense to give it away for free. For sports like soccer, it makes the most sense since soccer fans are more apt to sub to streamers than any other sports followers. Likewise for sports mostly viewed in foreign languages as 40% of streaming content viewed in Canada isn't in English or French.


And Genius Sports continues to make its rounds in the news. This was one of two updates on relationships with existing clients as announced this week.


ok but let’s see some CFL stuff?


Most of us are getting more media exposure to the developments in AI now than ever in our lives, and that discussion beyond the matter of its use in sport has been enlarged of late no doubt with impacts to be experienced across the board more than ever.

Most folks know about the AWS' Next Gen Stats for the NFL for example, which is powered by AWS's (Amazon Web Services') AI resources, and Genius is also a partner with Next Gen Stats.

Now Genius has oriented more of its global focus on this front as noted in this announcement beyond the RomoVision and SlimeTime brands established via the NFL already.

The phrase “data is the new oil” is often overused, but on some levels it still rings true. Big data has proliferated across all industries, including sport, although this data in its raw form is not valuable. In a world where data is increasingly abundant, the true value lies in the “refineries.” AI is what can transform that data into value.

However, to build a unique visual story, you need more than just live game statistics and technical wizardry. In many cases you need a personality to help bring the story to life. With our broadcast and streaming partners, including CBS and TSN among others, we have been fortunate enough to find that great combination of storytelling magic.

It looks like now we will know more about the details of the CFL's partnership with Genius on these fronts in full view via game broadcasts on TSN and TSN+ starting in late May.

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