Generic Witch Thread

We beat a totally dispirited team. I am mildly satisfied with today's result.

They have "generic witches"?

Obsolutely, I married one. :o :slight_smile:

You too,huh?

:| :lol:

I was thinking more along the lines of No Name/Presidents Choice witches...

They're cheaper but the patent witches hate them.

there are many types of witches

usually divided between sexy and regular:

Was there any doubt?


My, Mark...aren't we fast today! LOL

Great win by the team in spite of having very little opposition. These are always trap games.

Oski Wee Wee,


Not going there. (Wife has internet access.)

We want the "full meal deal" from YOU next week, Russ.... c/w all the bells and whistles, please. :smiley:

NO forum politically correct BS either!!

I'm thinking that this game raises one question. Who do we protect in the expansion draft? What else could come out of one of the earliest pre-season games on record?

no fifth qtr?


OUAA Semi-Final...

Mac 0 Western 3

Says it all..

Cats are flying high..

Bummers are nose diving!!!

Best pic of the season! Too bad Moore didn't go further, awesome pic though :rockin:

I'm a bit more, this is really what both the Alouette's and the Argo's should have been able to do to the Bombers and didn't.