Generic Game Day Thread

Nothing game on a Sat. afternoon, I guess.

Scrubs vs the Training Camp Hopefuls

The Bombers have been in training camp mode for weeks now. Do they have a QB yet? Maybe this is the game that Boltus comes back to burn us?

So we might as well do the same, eh? No point risking key players this week. Maybe we'll actually see if Masoli can throw the ball today.

I won't be very upset if we lose his game!! Because we play our best games after a lose.

Well then… Banks fumbles TCH recover…

Banks was calling for the challenge, but he never hit the turf because he landed on a Bombers player.

FREDO! :rockin:

Second and under a yard, and they go in shotgun? They deserved that loss of yards.


Jovo fumbles the kick, on a huge hit

Cats recover

offence looks terrible once again.

So does Winnipig

OK Banks - let’s get all the fumbles out of your system this week please.

I'm giving them a pass due to the starters - Fantuz, Grant, Tasker, Gable - not playing.

Someone grease all the footballs this game?

If there was ever a time for a hook slide, that was it.



You ARE a total moron




I suspect that that might be Burris last play of the game...

Black: "Max Hall brings his offense onto the field"

LOL.. We haven't seen a BB offense on the field ALL game so far :lol: :lol: