have there been many father-son players for the cats or the league? i know of the lumsdens. anyone else?

Mightypope is the guy to talk to.

Off the top o my head. Greg Barrow son of John played briefly on the O-line in 81

Cooper Harris, son of Wayne played ST here in the late 90s

Ed McQuarters jr. was drafted by SSk in the mid 80s but not sure if he actually played. there's probably alot more. grandfathers and grandsons too.

Cats have had at least a few bros. to have played Lonzell and Kalil Hill. Jauch bros. in the early 90s

Henry and Mark Wazschuk.
I think Jed Tommy's grandfather played for the Tigers?

I thought this was going to be a thread about Star Trek :smiley:


Lubo Z. and Greco Z. too (I think).

Srecko (i think)

Right you are, thanks. Perhaps I had seen Srecko dining at the late great El Greco's?

More likely those early-to-mid-90's brain cells are in an advanced state of atrophy.

John Williams Sr. (Ticats) and John Williams Jr. (Argos). Just read recently in a Toronto paper that Williams Sr. and Jr. are the only father and son combination to win the Grey Cup which is FALSE. Wayne and Cooper Harris also won a Grey Cup game. Bill Palmer (Hamilton and Ottawa) and son Jesse (if he makes it) would be another combination. Although the fathers never played CFL football, Bobby Hull's son Bart played for the Ottawa Rough Riders as did Bob Marley's son Rohan.

Almost forgot Wayne and Mike Philbrick who both played with the 'Cats. There are rumours circulating about that ONEMOREDORK'S father was none other than Jimmy DeRatt, a running back who played for the 'Cats in 1976. :lol:

Apologies for the continued divergence, but Jack Kemp/Jimmy Kemp now merit mention.

Here's an old one.... Bunny and Mike Wadsworth.

Buuny was a notable lineman with the Ottawa Rough Riders in the 1940s.

His son Mike played DT with the Argos in the 1960s. Mike's career was cut short by injury, not before eh garnered a couple of Eastern All-star selections. Mike went on to be a successful lawyer and business executive, a good CFL commentator with Pat Marsden on CTV, head of athletics at Notre Dame (where he went to university) and Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, among numerous other accomplishments. He was even a candidate for Commissioner of the CFL at one time. He died a year or so ago.



That rumour just won't go away, actually it was Doyle Orange.

I heard Andy Petek jr. is really tearing it up in peewee.