General sports question: What do you watch?

Given that we are on the CFL website I think it's safe to say that we are all die hard CFL fans. The thing that has always shocked me about these message boards is that it seems that many posters don't seem to be true sports fans (or even true football fans), rather, many seem to be fans of a brand and not the game. Personally,I find this shocking and a major head scratcher, as I love sports pretty much across the board.

I keep reading threads of people wanting to picket the Bills in Toronto, boycotting Rogers Sportsnet (Does this mean you don't watch CIS football simply because the channel it's on?), even trying to turn watching the NFL into some sort of moral issue. Very strange indeed.

My family has had season tickets for the Buffalo Bills since I was 5 years old, now they are mine and I will NEVER give them up. Since I'm a football fan I watch tons of CFL, CIS and NFL. I don't often watch NCAA football though, it's just too much and there are only so many hours in a day. lol

The constant crapping on baseball and basketball also confuses me. Someone please explain why you are only allowed to like Canadian football...but not all Canadian football...just the CFL. It's as bad as some of my southwestern Ontario friends that ONLY watch the NFL, even though they claim to be "huge football fans"

Vote for all that apply and feel free to throw your two cents in. Cheers, everyone!

CFL is the only sports league i watch.

I pretty much watch any and all football... NCAA over CIS though because it's always available.

Why is that? Is is a time restriction thing? Seems that if you’re a big CFL fan (which I do not doubt that you are), you love the personal connection, human drama and athleticism of football and sport in general; which would mean that you must be very bored for 7 months out of the year.

I know what you mean. This is why I wish CIS was on TV more, as it stands right now it’s a pain to follow it outside of the OUA game of the week on Sportsnet 360 and the RSEQ game on SRC. Watching poor quality webcasts with poor camera work and poor play by play does feel like more of a chore than anything else at times; especially when i turn my TV on and you can’t miss an NCAA game. I am a diehard CIS guy though so I’ll do whatever it takes. :slight_smile:

i was all about hockey until the 2005 lockout. i stumbled upon the CFL that summer and have been hooked ever since.
i wasn’t a football fan before that. didn’t even watch superbowls.
so the CFL is it for me.

( i did like the raptors during the vince carter era. after he left, i realized how boring basketball is; trading tons of baskets and keeping it within 10 points through 3 quarters until really trying. 1 quarter of true effort.)

i’m not a ‘football fan’. i’m a CFL fan.

i usually find something to do to fill the 7 month void. :thup:

You ask a good question JJSA

I got hooked on the CFL after watching the '63 Grey Cup. I've been an enthusiastic fan ever since. My wife and I have even had seasons tickets for a number or years.

During the Russia/Canada series in '72 I got hooked on hockey and became a Canucks fan. I was never drawn to baseball because for me it is too long and drawn out. I will watch the final few games of the World Series but out of curiosity more than anything else. Soccer never appealed to me. Again because I guess it just too low scoring a game and I got tired of the "faked" knee injuries where guys would look like their legs or knee caps were broken only to see them running a break neck speed a few minutes later.

I got turned off with the NHL for a number of reasons: The guys are way over paid for the entertainment they provide. Every time I'd go to a game I felt I was there to be fleeced for every dollar I had in my pocket. The advertising and pushing product in my face was becoming sickening. And…..Who ever heard of people going on strike that were already making millions a year? How insane! The fighting in hockey was also a turn off. Blood on the ice and a guy prostrate on the ice along with cheering jeering foaming at the mouth fans just has no place in the world of sport.

I do watch a fair amount of tennis and I'll tune into golf. Maybe it is because these are very finesse sports that are also not aggressive sports.

I think what I enjoy about the CFL the most is because it is Canadian and yes it is our league but the guys are not paid insane salaries and still put their physical well being on the line whenever they're on the field. They play just as hard as what I see in the NFL and they are every bit as entertaining.

For the record, this is the first year my wife and I did not renew our seasons tickets. We are not upset. We were just finding the getting to and from the games a little much. We thoroughly enjoy watching all CFL games on our 52" and will continue to do so.

NHL playoffs
international hockey - Olympics, world cup, etc. Pro level only
international soccer (P.S. - a kick in the shins really hurts for a couple of minutes, then goes away and back to normal)

with hockey and soccer, its not the scoring I watch for, its the play in between, scoring just icing. You have to have loved playing soccer to fully appreciate the fine art of a well played game. I played soccer well, really miss it next to football. Never played hockey but I like watching anyhow.

I consider myself a total football fan, but I don't watch college ball in either country because its too hard for me to follow with the number of teams and constantly changing rosters, etc.

I would however love to see top level touch football on tv. Used to watch wpg touch football on wpg local station.

love to play baseball, but just cant get into watching. absolutely hate basketball, maybe cause I couldn't play it worth a damn, but also because there is way too much scoring. Its like watching a ping pong game, except ping pong is more entertaining.

I am a huge CFL fan and, I catch CIS games. I will watch the Habs only when they make the playoffs. Don 't watch Olympics, do not care for basketball stopped watching the Expos when they left Montreal. I read the sports page and follow other sporting events through the sports page. There is too much else to do in life than devoting more time for sports.

CFL is the only sport I can watch from beginning to end, the rest can't hold my attention for more than a minute or two. I also watched the Vanier Cup the past few years and a couple CIS playoff games. I used to be a big hockey fan, Canuck season ticket holder, but have totally lost interest in hockey after they quit checking. NHL games now look like a intra-squad skate. No hits, no action, just a bunch of mufti-millionaire Swedish-type players avoiding collisions like they're made of porcelain. I get excited to watch a HUGE NFL matchup...until the first couple of plays...and like, is that all there is? The NFL is very static and regimented compared to the CFL. Just not worth my valuable time.

I can't explain it but the CFL is the only league I try and watch all the games of or as much and I grew up playing a lot of sports. Can't put my finger on it but 30 team leagues I can't follow, don't have the time, too many players to watch and much of it is just all an American production thingy. Played competitive hockey, football and baseball and some good pickup basketball and the odd soccer thing in elementary school. NHL and the fighting thing has decreased my interest, baseball so many games and it's so darn slow, only time I've fallen asleep at a sports event was a Jays game, etc. Football is perfect but I don't watch NFL much until the playoffs. Too regimented, good word for it Xvys. I'd rather watch CIS games to be honest in place of the NFL but will admit, NFL playoffs are good, dead of winter and better than the NHL for me. Actually I liked arena football as well in the dead of winter, I found that more entertaining generally than NHL.

My lifestyle is waking up on weekends, coffee, going for hikes on the trail with the wife in the afternoon, go buy some groceries, come home, have a few drinks, eat dinner and dessert, and then watch nature shows or CSI etc. Yes, I will watch the odd NHL game or NBA or MLB game or some PGA and some curling and a tad of tennis as well but rarely if ever start to finish, that is reserved for the CFL and even then it can be hard, I have to PVR CFL games at times. My hikes are very important to me, ie walks I guess you could call them. :wink: And then going to some Ticats games. Doesn't leave a lot of time. I watch Sportscentre religiously every day though.

I watch CFL, CIS and NFL... NHL during winter. I also like the CHL (Canadian Hockey League) WHL in particular... I have season tickets to my hometown team, the Moose Jaw Warriors. I also a bit of curling as well. I don't like basketball, and is disullisioned with MLB... although a buddy is a huge Jays fan... I just go with the flow lol...

In addition to hockey (NHL, WJHC, etc) and MLB, I'm a big racing fan. So I watch F1, Indycar, and occasionally Supercross (motorcycles).

Could not care less about the NFL, NCAA, Basketball, soccer, baseball etc.

Hockey, Canadian Football (CFL, CIS and juniors), Lacrosse, F1 racing and Aussie Rules football, is where it's at, well for me anyways.

Football,all of it(CFL/NFL/NCAA/CIS) is #1 with me,NHL,as long as its not the Leafs playing,but rarely will watch a full game,watch a bit here and there,between channel surfing.I also enjoy March madness college basketball,but never watch NBA or MLB (NBA is all about the final 2 minutes,MLB is way to slow,very little action and doesn't hold my attention)plus the money these donkeys get paid in salary is IMO absolutely ludicrous for what they do.I mean can you imagine going to work everyday and if you get a 3 out of 10 on your performance appraisal your considered a super-star employee??? The one sport that I do enjoy watching,but it never made the survey is the PGA. I know a lot of people find watching golf boring,but to me,it's fascinating watching the finesse of the game,and how complex and intricate it is.I also love watching when the Olympics are on,more winter than summer though,IMO international hockey is heads and shoulders above the NHL for excitement and drama,and the winter Olympics hold my attention for a solid two weeks of TV viewing.


I watch CFL particularly like the Friday games. CFL rules make for a more wide open exciting game. C'mon - what is more exciting than the 'ROUGE'????
2. I watch NFL highlights or a really good match up like the recent Denver - New England. Usually the games take too long so I watch the highlights and the playoff games sometimes and usually the Super Bowl.
3. I like CIS football. Maybe a peek at the Rose Bowl or the NCAA championship game.
4. I watch NHL playoffs and will peek at hockey night in Canada. But usually just highlights during the season.
5. I like CIS basketball , don't much watch NBA maybe finals and I do like NCAA March madness (like the upsets!)
6. Baseball playoffs only and World Series.
7. Soccer is painful to watch grown men fake injuries and appear like they are dying on the ground then jump up seconds later. Too little scoring , too slow and not enough contact.
8. I still like boxing but long for the days of Muhammad Ali and George Chuvalo(never knocked down in his career!) I like Manny Pacquio from the Philippines though!
9. But most of all I like Thanksgiving Turkey dinner and celebrating Saskatchewan Roughrider Grey Cup wins!! 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You were doing just fine until number nine! lol