General manager

Who would be available for g.m. If jones faulters ? Jim pop ? Didn't he start in sask. ?

LOl Popp yeah that would be good . IF there was a change probably Murph would step in or they go after whats his name from Ottawa. Nothing will change this year though.

Popp??? no thanks

Murphy was the man I had always hoped to get the GM role to begin with so wouldn't mind that.

I believe Jimmy is referring to Brock Sunderland...and yeah...totally agree. I was shocked he wasn't scooped by the Als but from what I heard he was wise enough to say nope...this is how I would do it. They wanted a guy that was somewhat of a puppet to the owner's boy (and that is perfectly fine and within their rights) but Sunderland was wise enough to say..nope...not how I see it....we either fit or we don't. If thinks fall apart in Toronto I could see him there. Depending on how things shake down in BC over the next year or 2 he could be there.

Danny Maciocia essentially did the same think as Sunderland but in a different way.

barring regressing in Ws or something massive happening there is zero chance he is being displaced....and regressing in Ws would likely see the entire season completed anyways. If they go 0-12 we'll revisit that. It is just reality.

You all over there in Riderville are so used to winning I can understand why you would think it’s a now or nothing season. Jones is excellent at what he does. He is making difficult but good decisions for the sake of the ball club. I say let him stick it out at least two more seasons before calling for the man’s head.

I look forward to the competition that will come from over there in the next year or two.

Better yet , you can have him back!!

agreed...This is where I am at with it.

This club was the oldest in the CFL in 2015...IIRC it was the oldest by an average ofover a year...that is pretty significant. I have not looked to see where it is now but I would think it is the youngest or close to it. Get things clicking and things could be special. Think back to how young that team was a decade ago when they won the championship and a lot of people around the league were saying that this was a club that was going to be special for a long while...and they ended up having the best or second best record for about 7 that span

  • 2007 the young team comes together in a big way
  • 2008....the year of the broken leg really hampered the was unreal...without that who knows
  • 2009 GC game
  • 2010 GC game
  • 2011 worst coach ever...very possibly literally and not exaggerated
  • 2012 bounce back but we see young promising players moving elsewhere in favor of vets
  • 2013 loaded up on vets and sold the future for home GC run...worth it
  • 2014 GM keeps making contracts and trades like it is for a home GC run....old players continue to displace youth. It is largely ignored because the team was good until DD went down
  • 2015 GM literally says that he doesn't worry about the future and needs to win now. Oldest team in the league. Can't win despite Glenn's solid of the worst Ds in history.
  • 2016 the bandaid is pulled off and the club is young again. Time will tell about the future.

Its a little different now with one year contracts.

with the contract that Bighill had with a 6 week window to have an opportunity to sign on with an NFL team,

I can see this being the new norm in contracts to be for 3 years with a 6 week window at the end of each year ?
this way you can sign a player long term and if he doesn't make it he comes back to you.


Player association loves these new one year contracts. The more "At bats" a player has negotiating, the lesser the chance he's leaving money on the table. The owners won't get that one back for "free".