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Zero expectations. Play the games and see what happens. I will be watching.

I thought the Bombers could go 5 and 3 against the east division before the Nichols injury. Splitting in the west gave them another 5 wins. Thinking now starting with who ever they decide on and barring a catastrophe will probably cost them 2 games somewhere leaving them at 8 and 10. Not sure there is playoff money to divy up with that record. Won't even bother with the many 3rd place teams have won the cup song.

Also taking O'Shea's comments somewhat cautiously given his penchant for secrecy regarding his locker room. Another it will be what it will be and Nichols will be back when he is ready.

The important thing for me is to position yourself in the future so the situation does not reoccur. Would have to think the injury will influence discussion related to the position down the road. Do they reup at the same price or maybe go after another free agent like Bridge?

Not much to clink glasses about tonight.

Every single team would like to have an insurance policy like you are talking about. Even then, how do you keep two starters happy ?

Step 1 may be recognizing the issue and allocating reasonable funds to the position.

Two starters is almost a fantasy but skimping on number two to have the most expensive kicker in the league could bite.

Too much money to Nichols to leave anything for #2 imo. Bombers had their chances and chose to go in another direction. Worked last year but not looking too good right now.

Thinking more about it why would the Bombers not be interested in Vernon Adams if he is on the market. Maybe they bite on Simonize seeing Chapman is m.i.a. Open the door for Peterman to step up. Or Peterman.

Doesn't mean he needs to be number 1 but he would surely add to the depth situation ahead of Ross.

Seen this before with the Bombers turning their nose up at different opportunities insisting they are good with what they have. A bit arrogant imo which is one of the things I do not like about O Shea.

Riders are in good shape with Collaros and Bridge. Would also think the Argos should be OK with Franklin or even Bethel-Thompson if Ray goes down.

The Bombers fully expected Durant to be the backup. No team goes 3 deep in veteran QBs so to criticize management for not having the forsight to do it is nonsense. Hopefully it's only 4-6 weeks like they are saying and no surprises. If it stays that way and we struggle out of the gate, then we're still OK, it's a long season and in the CFL it's more about how you finish the season than the start. Last year the Riders started 2-4 and finished 10-8 for example. You just can't start 0-8 like the Tabbies did last year and expect to get in.

Good to hear from you again, Wolverine !

.....I say we roll the dice with what we have on the roster and wait for Matt to recover...No panic moves.....I'll be watching very closely tonight to see what our back-ups can accomplish...I know our D is very deep and could carry this club even with a green qb....Wouldn't be sustainable for any length of time but maybe enough to keep us in the hunt...Have we got another Jim Van Pelt on our roster..(for those who don't remember Van Pelt...he came into the league as an unheralded rookie....Was lights out behind centre...had a great natural ability, rifle for an arm and knocked Kenny Ploen out of a job...Grant said (Grey Cup team by the way) that he couldn't see benching the kid because he had it all and he became our starter....I sure hope history repeats itself and we have a gem in Streveler....Ya just never know in this crazy game.... here's hoping

Can't disagree at all.

Thanks Dan. Had to take a break from all the negativity and name calling. Looking forward to another BnG season.

......I echo Dan's sentiments.....good to see ya back Wolverine

Glad to see you back as well.I left for the same reasons.It will be pretty interesting to see what happens tonight.If they can move the ball with the roster that is going out there then they will be doing something for sure

I guess I could mope about how we don't have a bona fide backup QB and who's fault that is but I prefer to see what a good game we just played in spite of losing. WOW, we played really well with hardly any starters. The QBs played well and with poise even though the Oline was new. Some great catches were made and the D played pretty good. It was an enjoyable game for a preseason tilt.
I'm sure we are gonna be a stronger/better team because of Nichol's injury. Funny how a negative can turn into a positive.

Yup,that was throwing those QBs into the fire! A young Oline that had never played together coupled with newbie recievers,backs etc... facing BCs starting lineup, I thought it would be alot worse.

…..The team as a whole played really well...I was a bit disappointed in a couple of guys....namely Simonize...He didn't seem prepared and seemed to be running wrong routes...BUT what more can you say about this Petterman kid....He played himself on to the AR as far as I'm concerned...What a great pic he's turning out to be...Augustine wasn't as sharp as he was against Edm. but I think the blocking on a lot of his carries was lacking...All in all he's very adequate and should be brought along...A few guys played themselves off the club for sure and the hammer is about to be brought down shortly...Good effort in last nights game for sure

Roster is set, we'll see what they can do.

Good on Walters for acknowledging the mistake in picking Ekakitie. Bad on him for picking him. Life goes on but it would be nice to see some accountability for performance. Hoping Corney can step up and salvage the brutal draft history somewhat.

Probably answers Clutch's question about developing players which is hard to do when the team keeps flip flopping decisions year to year. Kids running the show imo with an open cheque book. Wonder which buddy will get to run the soccer team.

Would have liked to see Gause kept around and possibly developed into someone that could help down the road or next year but doesn't appear likely. Quite a bit of hype surrounding the signing and now gone. Things change fast in the CFL.

Defensive backfield with Fogg on the corner will be under the gun. At least we know he can run with the speedsters lined up across from him. Leggett coming back sooner than later will help and it will be interesting to hear something regarding that although I would have no expectation that they would feel any requirement to keep the masses informed.

Also thinking Ambrosie is serious about sms compliance and that would account for some of the cuts around the league. Nice to see Sask get reined in a bit.

Bakari Grant is an upgrade on Dressler imo but guessing most of WD7's money is already in the bank and the commitment has been made. Hopefully his last year. We'll see how many games he plays.

Truly hoping for a good season but not betting the back forty on it just yet. Will settle for a respectable showing and hoping that is not too much to ask.

Does anyone know what happened to the Bomberino poet Lyle B. Style?

He hasn’t posted any comical rants for a month.

Lyle is missed no doubt. Hope nothing bad has happened.

Possible the Bomber mafia caught up with him.

He was having a pretty good run and has a couple of toldyaso's to his credit already this year.

Simultini's all around in his honor.

Where's Lyle?

Anyways - could be gloatin' in the floatin' at how the bomber draintrust finally broke in the face of Faith "No More" Ekakitie.

How this dud ever got signed for $90,000+ is beyond me but keep in mind this is the bomber org. so anything is possible! E-Kaka barely had a half-sack in college - he's 25 or 26 and Steven Hawking prolly would have stood him up on a bullrush.

Like the type of guys that Walters & his scouts have provided. Even the B & C teamers seem an upgrade over prior years.

Concerned Sonic Sam (love that nickname btw) Montgomery got cut but that's our deepest area. Hope he gets one of the final2 yard-dog/taxi spots - unless his contract is fatter than Ekakities. If it is he'll prolly find work somewhere, no doubt.

QB deserves a comment all on its own. But I'm back on my training wheels after servingthe appropriate sentence in the penalty box.

There he is! Got yourself a temporary ban did you?! Don't worry, it is possible to survive a ban. :wink:

Good to hear from you Lyle. Only an objectionable conduct penalty? Water off a ducks back for a warrior like you. Was thinking you may have been trampled at the white out street party trying to rally the troops from the 3 - 1 deficit.

Mighty Matt Nichols down with an undisclosed lower body injury is the latest glitch. O Shea likes what he sees though so not to worry. I thought Vernon Adams would add depth but no one else got excited. He shares the Eastern Washington alumni deal with Nichols so they may not mind working together. Cats gave up Kanneh and his big contract for an 8th rounder so it wouldn't take much for Adams I am guessing. Guy is just looking for a place to play imo although quite a few critics are saying he doesn't have it and never did. He is still young.

Tempered expectations with Nichols down. Believe we will see plenty of happy feet Thursday night if Edmonton decides to bring the house after Ross I am guessing. Would be nice to pull one out and get the points and the upper hand in the season series (3 games vs Edm) but the defence will need to hold against Reilly. Edm has issues on their O line imo so we can hope.

Wondering if Evan Gill coming available does anything for Walters. Big dude, home town boy, listed as OL / DL. Not from Guelph but we can't have everything.

Lowered my forecast to 8 and 10 and am feeling the hate but don't see it any better than that. Crazy things happen though so who knows. If the Bombers start 0 and 2 the fat lady will need to start getting her outfit ready. Again, all imo.