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I liked Robert Gorden as a player but it seems a stretch to have him in the Bomber Hall of Fame.

Great 3rd option as a receiver and one of the best at the sideline out pass but not HOF stuff imo.

Good with Bob Miles as a builder.

Will be interesting to see if Eric Rogers still has it after the ruptured achilles issue.

Definitely added to the team when he last played but missing the entire 2016 and 2017 seasons is a long time. Story says he worked out last fall but did not catch on with the NY Jets. Medically cleared to return so we will see if he gets back to his former glory day standards.

Makes me wonder more about Moe Leggett.

Considering JC Sherritt took a full year to recover and John Ojo apparently not fully back to speed after two years among many others with similar stories. Very possible Leggett does not return until late in the year despite the significant progress reports and his optimism about starting the year.

Guess we will find out soon. Moe being healthy for the playoffs would be a nice boost to the Bombers chances.

....A rumour that Ekakitie is going to be a casualty out of camp this year....IF true what a wasted pic....I never wanted Walters to take this guy in the first place and said so many times in my posts...I wanted Vandervoort ...the canuck receiver who the leos took...We sort of made up for it with the Wolitarsky pic in the supplemental BUT as it turns out we are loaded with talent at canuck receiver as of now and he'll be in tough to stick...IF Gray doesn't show up...ever...our draft and the two pics we had in the first round will have been wasted....Looked like we had everything going on then the penthouse turned into an outhouse ...So goes the hype in the CFL draft and gm's getting suckered into bad moves...Truer words were never spoken ' the draft is a crap shoot' and so it goes....I hope the rumours are wrong but good sources out of camp are sticking with their take......................Have to give Lyle credit on his Ekakitie take ...he was bang on

I have said many times to many people that any draft is a crap shoot. That is why I don't hold it against any GM if a player doesn't pan out. Even a guy who has coached for years and then was GM for years will make what we think are bad picks. Do all of Buono's picks play first string the next year ? All GMs make bad and good picks. It never surprises me that an all-star was picked 85th in the his draft year and that a 1st overall pick is a bum.

I hope Nichols is OK.

The basket with all the eggs just fell over. Might be a long season.

Looking forward to the press conference to learn more. Hopefully not too serious.

Streveler is going to see some heat if he starts against the Eskimos. Alex Ross is thinking he may not get cut just yet.

Unfortunate to say the least.

Hearing Bombers have offered Ekakatie to the Riders for Bridge.

Would not expect a favour from anyone related to helping with a quarterback but who knows. It will be a steep price if it does happen.

Finding someone who knows the game will be the challenge if they need to bring in a replacement.

Would need to be a lot more on the table than that for Bridge...especially for a divisional rival.

At least if Nichols should happen to be out an extended period they have another preseason game to evaluate.

If a trade happens I would think someone from the Adams

A couple of thoughts:

  • This is really disappointing depending on the next point
  • We don't know how bad it is,
  • Bridge has proven nothing yet,and Sask would be nuts to give him up when their #1 has underperformed for 2 years and they are banking on him bouncing back.
    -This will make for a really interesting exhibition game on Friday.
  • Joe have you heard the Ekakatie rumor anywhere else other than other fans?
  • On the positive side better now than game 18 heading into the playoffs.

If you find fault in every single thing,real and imagined you are bound to be right once in a while.(In reference to your last statement)

Glad you're back, Aulcee. I missed your insight.

...In reference to your last statement....once in awhile you have to give credit when credit is due....even if it hurts....

....Also the Sun and Press have published their thoughts on Ekakitie and stated that he IS on the bubble...Take that for what it's worth

Nothing official for sure. House of secrets is not saying much. Riderfans speculating and not very interested if I understand correctly. Truthfully I would not make that deal either if I were them.

Last word I saw was Vernon Adams not at practice in Hamilton and potentially on the move according to a TSN report. I would guess they are getting some good offers but would also say any QB available that can play would be also of interest to Ottawa and Calgary in addition to Montreal and the Bombers. He (Adams) won't be cheap in any event and is still to be proven under fire so there is a risk associated.

No news from Nichols himself is probably a bad sign but best to play it smart and be sure.

My take is that if you play with fire long enough you are apt to get burnt and that is where the big Blue are at. They were no more prepared for this last year than they were today and despite the Durant fiasco this has to be on the management for not taking the position seriously enough and having someone up to speed to take over. Flying by the seat of their pants once again imo.

We will see. I would think others already know. Tough start to the season and for Nichols career possibly.

In other news absolutely brutal lineup for the Lions game. Seems like they are done with evaluation and just fielding a team. Not much reason for a fan to bother shelling out whatever it costs in Vancouver to go to a game but whatever. Just my take.

I don' see how you blame management for this.They had one of the best in the league signed and a veteran to back him up this spring.It is what every team wants.DD screwed them over and you can' help an injury.I don't get the management angle.I would have ranked us slightly behind Toronto and Edmonton.Ahead of Sask,BC,Ottawa,and equal to Hamilton and Calgary in QB stable.There is hardly a team out there who isn't in trouble when the starter goes down and their backup quits.

4 to 6 weeks.Thats not so bad,it could have been worse.

Very respectfully. You see it your way and I see it mine.

Now you have a good excuse for 2018. We'll see what next year brings.

I can only see two teams that would be OK if their starter went down. One is Edm and the other Ham. and Ham didn't really plan that Manziel would sign with them so we have to blame every team for not being prepared, except Edm.
Don't worry, I will jump down management's throat anytime I see a stupid move but I can't fault them for DDs scum move or an unforeseen injury.

Walters and company have addressed every weak spot and more. I am still looking forward to this year, more so than I have for a while. Sometimes these little injuries are a boon. One of the backups may shine. At worst we start the year behind but our guys get game reps and experience.

Seriously,you are writing off the year or are you joking?

I don't want that weasel anywhere near this team.Although it would be great to see how he would be greeted by our home crowd.

Can't we say we are interested, let him come here on his dime and then tell him.. too bad. Take a flying .....