Gene Simmons (KISS) doing the coin toss for Ticats/Lions

Game Date: Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Location: Empire Field (2901 - Hastings Street)

Kickoff: 7:00 pm (Gates open at 5:30 p.m.)

Radio: TEAM 1410 (Rick Ball, Giulio Caravatta) - Lions pre-game show starts at 5:00 p.m.

Pregame: Rock star Gene Simmons will perform Friday's opening coin toss

Halftime: Super Fly Dogs


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Cool Can't wait for the game and then Gene Simmons Family Jewels Final Show of the season on Tuesday . :rockin:

I find it curious that they were actually able to convince Gene Simmons to participate in this coin toss. His self-ego is so over-inflated. It almost cost him his common-law family and has helped to water down the band, KISS. Both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have long been well known for their egos and insistence to have total power and control.
I will not support KISS as it is today, simply because I definitely do not agree with how they have allowed Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer to wear the make-up of the Spaceman and the Catman, respectively. Only Ace Frehley and Peter Criss should be allowed to wear these costumes and portray these characters in that band. I'm glad that I was able to see the original 4 members in 1997, when they played Copps Coliseum during their Reunion Tour. I love that I'm able to say that I saw the original band. I have all of the albums with the original members, but that's about it. Anything else is simply not KISS, no matter what Gene and Paul think.
You have to hand it to Gene and Paul though... they seem to know how to exploit the KISS name and continue making money off of it (look no further than the Family Jewels reality show). This is likely the only way they were able to get Gene to do the coin toss... money.

IMO, the only way Gene Simmons will get any money for tossing the coin
before the game on Friday night, ProgRockFan, is if he steals the coin.

P-U-B-L-I-C-I-T-Y is almost as good as money to Gene Simmons.

Tossing the coin gets him on centre stage for a minute.

Hahahaha. Someone better keep an eye on the coin.

I find Gene annoying, but he doesn't put his ego before business. The whole "Family Jewels" thing has shown that there are lots of people who want to see Gene as a bumbling clown who is the object of ridicule for his "wife" and kids. And Gene is happy to play that role, as long as it's good for business. Gene saw the success of "The Osbournes" and realized he could make a pile of dough if he pretended to be as half as hapless as Ozzy.

Wpg did one bettter! We gave him the key to our city. :roll:

Perhaps Gene Simmons heard that Pamela Anderson was first "discovered' in the stands at a B.C. Lions game and since he always seems to be trolling for new girlfriends, he might be thinking she will show up tonight at the Ticats/Lions game :lol: :lol:

-Anything is possible with that guy-

Gene is Businessman Plain and Simple
If it makes him money he'll do it
Kiss condoms was his Idea ..

I Respect Gene for his Attitude in life too bad People are trying to change him

Gene is one good example of how capitalism is supposed to work … find and exploit ways to make your money.

He has it easier than most because of his fame with kiss mind you but he has alot of ventures he keeps the kiss name out and just uses his own name or his money bags brand

People complain about him because he put the kiss name on anything he can but no one complains about all the people who see something and say " oh it has kiss on it i’m going to buy it"

seeing as Shannon “I have no acting talent but i’ll get naked in your movie” Tweed is from B.C. i am sure her and their kids will be there too… no doubt with a camera or 2 in tow for the tv show

Gene Rocks, Love his show and love the band since i was in grade school. Season finially is next week, so i cant see this being on the show, at least this year!

Shannon Tweed is actually from Newfoundland, where she was raised. She also lived in Saskatchewan.

The episode where Gene and Shannon went to Saskatoon was on this week. Ironic he gets the coin toss. Shannon gets to pout this time around like Gene did when she was the hometown girl on radio and got to drop the puck at the Sakatoon Blades hockey game. Talk about staged.... she stayed behind and he went on tour. I guess it was a separation... tough to take seriously.. Heck I guess I took it seriously enough to have PVR'ed the last 30 minutes of the show... Man, I forgot I had done that... Thanks for the reminder to the OP'er.

see They had fully Family on Camera

And you are bragging about that fact? At least you didn’t say she was from Ontario…lol She’s just another no talent wannabe “personality” with as much talent as say Pamela Anderson.

Gene's reaction to the Tiger-Cats opening few plays while he was being interviewed by TSN on the sidelines was priceless......."OH MY GOD !....OH MY GOD !"

:lol: :lol:

Here's the You Tube version of the coin toss:

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I stand corrected :slight_smile: my bad

Genes Reaction to Williams Run was Priceless

Then You see Shannon and Sofie too WOW

Since Gene seems to be in the dog house at home a lot lately, this might be a good time for Braley to approach him about investing in an East Coast CFL might be a wise move for Simmons to grease the wheels with his wife ie: show some interest in her and Canadian maritime her roots

I'm sure Braley spent some time with Gene last week, so perhaps he brought the matter up ? :wink: