What is also amazing about our fans… the gender split.

I am willing to bet it is 60-40 (men to women). I don’t know of any other team that has that ratio. Most sports teams have a 80-20 split if they are lucky. The Ottawa Rough Riders, when I lived there, had a 90-10 split. You couldn’t find a female in some sections. This ratio is not uncomman at most sporting events.

At IW, some weeks, there are as many women as men and as many young as old. It is another reason to be optomistic about this team.

The fan demographics are (almost) perfect!!!

I know this is a typical guy thing to say… but many of the female TC fans are flippin HOT!!! I always tell my single guy friends… a great place to meet babes is at the TC games.

(When I am there I often wish I was single… actually it is a mute point because I ALWAYS wish I was single.) :smiley:

Anyway, the TiCat front office should use the split as a promotional tool. Singles night? Match making fan contest? I mentioned it to the TC front office once and they said they noticed the same thing but weren’t sure how to make it work - use it to sell tickets. Any ideas???

really? is it a football game or a reality tv show? BTW i find it quite arrogant you feel ONLY hamilton has a decent amount of female fans...have you been to a stamps game? a lions game? any other team but hamilton and maybe toronto? obviously not seeing as there are lots of female fans and fans of all ages in calgary too. trust me i didnt miss a home game. worst thread ive seen in a long time.

Sorry I offended you... I just felt it was different compared to all the other sporting events I have attended.

Not sure where you got "arrogance" from my e-mail.

Anyway, you are right, unfortunately other then Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton I have never been to another CFL game. I hope to one day. :smiley:

Just reread my e-mail and I guess I should have been more clear... compared to games I have attended for the NBA, NFL, NHL, CHL, and the CFL in Ottawa and Toronto... I have never seen a gender split as favourable as the TC's fan base.

If other CFL teams have this split... good for them!!! I am always happy when ANY CFL teams has positive things going for it. :thup:

apologize for jumping all over you as well i re read my post and def came off a bit harsh well good luck on seeing other teams venues :thup:

Thank you and be well... :smiley:

I strongly disagree.
Men do outnumber gals substantially at all games in my opinion.

They do but I believe a 60-40 split is accurate.

Like I said also, the Ticat front office has noticed it as well so I am not alone.


As long as tickets are selling and asses are in the seats who cares what gender they are?

By the way.. combining football and some kind of singles night is absolutely the very worst idea I have ever heard on these forums. Just my opinion of course..

Yikes!!! I have not had one positive post to my new forum.

While this is not uncommon (most people only feel the need to respond when they disagree and many people love to be negative and rip each other (I am not saying this is the case here... perhaps my ideas are completely off base)).

Anyway, I thought my forum would have a more positive response. Oh well, live and learn.


Keep making posts like that and you WILL be single. :wink:

I appreciate what you're trying to do, but even if I was single (thank God I'm not), I actually go to the game to watch football. That type of thing might be something they could do as a "meet and greet" type of thing, but I doubt it would work for selling tickets.

There are a lot of women who go to games, but the ratio of women to men in the online world is much lower than it is in game situations...wonder why that is... :twisted:

When I was younger I must admit, well... all that spandex and those lovely outfits caught my attention.

Now that I'm old, or oldER, I really and honestly enjoy the complexities of the game to the point where I understand more of the game than my husband does. My main reason for going to the games is the games themselves. Still... I can't help notice that the guys seem to look better in their outfits every year... and getting to a game early enough to watch the fellows work out adds more fun to the day. (I'd LOVE to get a pair of those pants for my husband... he'd love it too... he just doesn't know that yet :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I ever so rarely post on here because it can get a bit heated and I'm not into that. But I do read these forums daily because many of the posts are quite enlightening. I've learned a lot from this place.

Also... I have suggested to single women friends that they go to some of the functions offered by the Ti-Cats because many of the male fans I've seen look quite attractive too... and football would be a fun "common interest" for them.

Perhaps it's just that most people prefer to meet partners naturally and not in a contest/set-up format. Also, the team might feel responsible if they did do a formal dating contest of sorts and something went wrong and one person in the "match made in Ticat heaven" had less than honourable intentions shall we say.

I think others expressed it well that by simply attending other Ticats social functions it may lead to meeting someone that you may get along famously with anyways.

.....nothing ever wrong with starting a fun, positive thread though with your idea. :rockin: