Geezus, heard it was bad

... But not THIS bad:


I'm relieved that it wasn't something we gave your team here in the 'Peg.

"The team believes that the virus was contracted back in Regina, as several practice roster players still at home have reported similar symptoms."


I'm likewise glad. It doesn’t really matter where they got it, but the optics would have been bad.

I wonder how many Bomber D linemen will be investing in plungers after close quarters during the game and finding out it was a virus.

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Thanks to our all too recent virus protocals and quarantine procedures our guys will probably worry for maybe two or three days about this Stomach Virus. I'm almost 99% positive that the Visitor's locker room has been thoroughly sprayed with the same Covid killing chemicals that they had on hand for those awful lockdown years.

Once practice resumes on Tuesday they'll know for sure whether any of them were infected. Anyone seen running while leaking brown fluid all over the place will be asked to share... or leave. I forget which.

They were in close contact during game play. Lots of breathing and sweating on each other.

Sounds like the perfect date. Too bad it's an all male league they play in.


Hopefully not we need them to beat Hamilton

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While casually ignoring that you accused Winnipeg restaurants of poisoning the riders team to fit your delusional narrative


I was joking...

What are you doing trolling the Rider section anyway?

Whose trolling?? I'm a rider fan you clown! We can't compete in this league with Fajardo and Dickenson! And I've been saying it for years!
Just because I'm not biased into blindness doesn't change who i cheer for.


Wow.. go and take some pepto or something. Pathetic

Not directed at anyone in particular....
Just because you are a bonafide class 1 A-hole does not give you credence as someone whose opinion is correct... Not even a little bit....

Culprit(s) aside Maaax I’m still in awe of what these players did. I mean most of us have gone to work sick at some point, but pro-level football, with stomach flu? Talk about gutting it out! :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :poop:
Like a lot of fans I’ve been pretty critical of our o-line. But given the entire line was hit with this bug, and they only allowed 4 sacks, they’ve earned a little respectability imo. Especially rookie Richardson who was losing his cookies on the way to the stadium.

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Food poisoning is not funny... At least not when you have it. But I am sure when the team tells this story in the future there will be some levity involved.
If you think you never get food poisoning think again... A flu virus lasts more than 7 days... Many food poisonings cause vomiting and liquid poop :poop:... Many times a bout of food poisoning will last only 24 hours... But often it can be days. Some really bad strains can get you sick for weeks if not outright kill you.

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