Geez - Wake Up Already Bomber Fans

In my last post i stated that Glenn is not a #1 QB and every post i see players being knocked like there is no tommorow. One thread reads “bench or trade walls” , man why don’t we just trade Charles Roberts while we’re at it, wake up buddy. Walls hasn’t been doing much becuase the D was playing as a group until recently, i believe it’s time to get someone else on D to Fire the team up and Garrick Jones is a strong possibility.

On that note trading Walls would be a HIGE mistake, it’s his second year man, give him time he’ll show what he did last year, besides almost every play itis Canada, Brown, walls and Warner doing what they are paid to do.

If you want to knock Glenn o.k - I agree he is a great back-up but not a starter, so how bout we make a dumb trade as suggested in another post:
Glenn or Banks, Walls, Roberts
To Hamilton
Mass, Corey Holmes, draft pick


Oh yeah knocking BLINK is wrong, it is not his fault the coaching staff are not going to him and I am sure Blink is pissed off just as much as us fans…

Yes and Blink will be more ticked off now the Joffery is going one way and his stats are going now where! But again can not blame Glenn. I have said this time and again you have one receiver one Milt Stegal after that the receivers are not so great! The riders are keying on your two weapons and guess what they win. It is that simple. The other guys are just not good enough!

No we don't hear Walls name just Brown, Warner and Canada. Walls is just riding their coat tails this year. Warren Moon in his prime would not have won that game yesterday. A quarter back can not do it by himself. Otherwise Edmonton should be in 1st place. put Kevin Glenn in Calgary, Saskatchewan or BC and watch him light up the score board!!!!

why aren't more people talking about the O line? THAT'S Winnipeg's problem right there!

Dispersal Draft Couldve Given Kevin Glenn and that 5th Pick to SSK for 1st pick and WPG Couldve had kerry j...
Round 1
1 SSK (from HAM) Kerry Joseph QB
2 WPG Ibrahim Khan OL
3 SSK Jason Armstead WR
4 CGY Cam Yeow LB
5 WPG (from TOR) Val St. Germain OL
6 BCL Korey Banks DB
7 MTL Kai Ellis DB
8 EDM Anthony Collier DE

I strongly believe that we need jason mass. casey printers is on the practice roster of the cheifss which is a stupid choice on his part i think when he could b a starter in winnipeg. but i dont think hamilton can afford to pay mass when there that bad and also i dont think mass wants to be there. I think if we traded glen and one other player we could get him which would b a great aquastion i think.

also if i must add walls was 2nd tackles last game

...QUIT SELLING US THE SOFT-SOAP RED......we know you'd love to see us keep a back-up as a starter....we have plenty of weapons on this team ...we haven't even used....BECAUSE ...the qb. can't get the ball to them....LOOK at Glens passes....a lot of them are picked because every third throw is a 'duck' the fact he is imobile is another do the Bombers win anything BIG with this a reliever he's great....HE IS NOT A NO. 1 qb. now.....nor never will he be....
sorry .....he's been in this league long enough to prove he.s a starter,,,,and he obviously can't...i wouldn't tade him...but i would bring in someone else with the qualities of a D.D.....Calvillo....Printers....and oh yeah....Burris....till then we'll be at the back of the bus... :roll:...p.s. i.m hoping Glenn can prove me wrong (hope hope hope)...but i don't see it...i;ve seen a lot of quarterbacks come and go in this league...i study them and rate performances....and one little give-away i;ve always noticed....and you may not think its' a 'biggy' ..but its what i see....Glenn is a reluctant qb....he has some talent but not the drive of a good one...example ...and just lately ...Dave Dickenson was injured ..BUT ...he couldn't wait till he got back in the game...Glenn on the other hand ...after being nicked...can't wait till he gets to the bench and seems to care less when he gets back....i have never once heard him say ..'man i can't wait till i get back to the team'...he seems to be indifferent...just my take of the reasons Berry was not sold on the guy as the Bombers NO 1... :roll: :roll:

Wow amazing, Maas is not doing anything in Hamilton and is probably the worst QB in the league right now. Can that be cause the Cats cannot win a game if there life depended on it or Maas simply just does not want to be there?

Anyway's Maas is 30 years old and is showing signs of well ummm a T.J Rubley (us BB fans don't forget a name :lol: )

Glenn is not a starter, proven, what choices do we have now, Banks or Dinwiddie. Both can possibly be great starters in this league, from what i see at practice and from what i hear. There are no trades available for a QB.

But if you look at the teams around the league, most have quality back-ups that have proven themselves
B.C - Buck Pierce
Sask -Rocky Butler (a supposed 3rd string)
Marcuss Crandell

Those are just 2 examples - maybe Banks or Dinwiddie can light a fire under the teams a$$ or maybe trade for Maas (LOL) my suggestion would be trade for a good proven backup such as the 2 names above and mold either them or Banks or Dinwiddie into a starter. Just my opinion.

Glenn is good enough to get us into the playoffs and then after that anything can happen.

..i'd like to agree with you piggy....but after this latest bout ...with Glenns injury...we don't even know how long he's going to the fact....this team is losing confidence in him daily...what a pea-poor effort against Sask.....but i will give him one thing ...the 'o' line did nothing to support him....but that group is far from the worst in the land... i hope you're righ and here's hoping he can get us there....cuz it don't look like there are any saviours on the horizon :roll: :?

Glenn shoulkd grow three inches, build up his arm strength and take a Dale Carnegie Course on confidence and leadership. He's one in a long list of forgettable Qbs who will and have played here.

And another thing, when is good enough to get to the playoffs acceptable. Anything can happen, that's right and it won't be winning with Kevin Glenn with his finger on the button.

Just how do you know that TopHat, Glenn could Win the GreyCup just as easy as Tom Burgess did. Playing great D has worked in the past and when a QB doesn't turn over the ball, anything can happen..I think Glenn is a better QB, than he showed in the LBDC...Go Bombers

He may be better than he 's shown and I believe his best will still not be good enough.