Geez That Toronto Crowd is Embarassing

I know they're a bad team, but come on.
What is there, 10,000 in the place?
Is Toronto the worst sports city in Canada or what?
Move em to London and you'd have 25,000 plus every game.

What's this? Another topic bashing Toronto fans? This is right up there with expansion. By the way, just out of curiosity, what are you basing that 25,000 number on? Or is it just something you pulled out of your behind, Berenzin?

first thing i want to say, thanx benji for continuing to post. its great to have some new blood in the forums, and dont let the jerks on the board bother you. keep it up.

second- Every game in toronto... i feel is an embarasment. Aweful. I used to think that we needed to keep them in the league since they are the oldest football team in North america. Now... im not so sure.

Less then 5K paid for sure... when I went to the Rider game... I sat at the 55 with a 20 dollar ticket...everyone around me got free tickets from work and complained how bad the football was and laughed how they made more money then the players.... most left at halftime....
Pinball needs to get off his ass and coach this team again...he is their only hope

Canadian Hot Head.
I Don't care what Cheif thinks.
The guy already banned me because he can't take it when somebody disagrees with him.
As I said before.
I never read what he posts because I don't care what he posts.
Why's he so worried about me?

Actually, you were banned for being a royal pain and disrupting the forum. :wink:

Friends and family.
There might be more people on the sidelines than on the stands.

Imagine working your whole life to play pro football, you see every team in the league enjoy tremendous fan support that's passionate and loyal...yet you have to play in Toronto in a city that is indifferent about sports.

I think I played in front of more people in high school than what is at the Argo game tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

as an argo fan i cant do anything about it, so everyone constantly ragging on attendance is annoying

An embarassment for the league.
Sure they're a horrible team.
But they have the 91 Grey cup team there.
Did the media even remotely promote it?
The way they did the return of Roy Halliday?
Hell no.

It's equally annoying for me as a huge CFL fan to see a proud franchise not being well supported.
Argo fanbase might be small, but they're very passionate and loayl.
I just wish there were more of them.

or the roberto alamor game? I am so sick of toronto and the horrible fans

would you still hope for the team if they played somewhere new?

Thank god I’m no longer an Argo fan as I grew up as. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the team feally is bad I’ll admit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alomar, Toronto “classy fans” like scumbag spitters. It’s Toronto, fits well with who they are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very sad Earl.
You see that raucos crowd in REgina, then you see this.
Hopefully Jyles can revive this team, and maybe the fan base.
And hopefully too Cohon is behind the scenes trying to drum up corporate interest in this team.

For the record, I had/have no issue with you.
You should never have been banned.
We have a bunch of idiotic posts and threads here, yet the minute someone talks about attendance, expansion, TV ratings people decide to be jerks. This is a discussion forum and people should be invited to share their opinions.
Keep posting :thup:

They need a rival for sure, Best build your teams stadium on the 401 near Chatham, its within reasonable driving distance for london and WINDSOR/DETROIT !

And I’ll add, total kudos to the Argo fans who go to the games in the the Roger ShitCentre. :thup:

Oh it was just a few Geroy.
The ones though who used to think this was their forum and they ran the show.

Anyways, aren't attendance and media coverage and TV ratings big issues in the CFL?
Not to pat myself on the back, but i In fact a few years ago I started a thread that this league needs new stadiums.
I started a thread that Tom Wright shortchanged the league with the TV deal.

Everytime the usual bunch ridiculed me.
But look whats happened.
New stadiums are being built.
And the next TV deal is a huge topic.

Maybe Jyles can revive this franchise
He looks good tonight, and more importantly the game is actually exciting.
Far cry from the Lemon years.

At first i thought you wrote Cahoon , Maybe Barker should get Cahoon to play again but for the double blue_ it's a start!!!