Geene to start in B.C

Am I dreaming or is Greene going to get the start in B.C. I think its time we need a shake up on the field. What could happen? We take another one on the chin?

The only thing that needs to be mixed up on the field is the play calling, and maybe the receiver situation.

Give Butler the ball, Greene should be given his walking papers

that is if they keep Crandell off the field, which I don't think they need to do.
He has played well enough to win, he isn't get much help from his recievers adn offensive coordinator

I agree with you Billy your knowledge is outstanding and I am not joking with you this time. I believe you are correct Greene had his chance and choked. Butler could use the reps why not rest Crandell for the semi final game. I agree with you on your take of the receivers they seem to be hot and cold this is not Crandell. To beat Montreal those guys better step it up.

Oh yeah Greene is starter!!! Life is good in Sask again.

only for you unreal, only for you.

When I heard Crandell was supposedly hurt ( which I dont beleive) I knew Greene would be back...personally I have mixed feelings...In one hand I hope he does well enough for us to Win..On the other hand if the Riders do win with Greene are they gonna do another brain fart and start him against Montreal?
This is what I fear the most... Danny's Boy leading us into the head is starting to

Greene needs to view this game as his application interview for next year…if he pooches this one, he can pack his bags…