Gee Gees fire Etcheverry and the Wing T

When the Ottawa Gee Gees brought in a coach with CFL experience I imagine they thought he would bring in a CFL style game to attract new recruits in the wake of their coach and some of their recruits jumping to Carleton.
On defense he did bring in a CFL style defense but on offense It was the Wing T ??? To make it worse it has created a goose egg in the win column for the Gee Gees this season and how many receivers and QBs would want to come to Ottawa and run the Wing T.
They will have a brand new facility in 2014 and its rival back for the Panda Bowl.
Even if the Gee Gees had O wins but were running a CFL pro style offense and just did not have the talent to win it would have drawn plenty of top recruits to the storied program on the verge of entering a new state of the art facility in Landsdowne park in 2014 and a CFL coach to lead them.
What could he have been thinking running the Wing T. I am sure that any of the quality Offensive players were already making plans to transfer if that was to be their future.

Was a good idea to bring in a known CFL guy to help with recruiting and instituting a pro style O and D they just picked the wrong one.

Wing T? Is this 1941 or something? :roll: Good thing he got fired cause I think Etcheverry has lost his marbles

Apparently he did abandon it in his last game against Queens and the game was close but at that point the players and everyone else thought he was nuts. What could he have been thinking. The players on offense revolted openly and were already loking to transfer anywhere else.
Carleton raided the recruits, some players from last year and the Gee Gees coach. A desent Junior player looking to go the the CIS next season would be smart to look at the Gee Gees as there will be plenty of holes to fill. You may see a lot of Prairies conferance players coming east to the Gee Gees if there looking to play in the CIS for the next couple of years especailly being able to play out of the new Stadium