GDT WPG vs Ham Aug 5th....or AKA Game 1 Baby!

Harris yes, #1 WR Adams too, and new OC


Let’s all just take a moment to celebrate FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!


Cats will focus on shutting down the run game…need to open others up

Going to need to count on the defense, then…

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As an American fan, are you familiar with the movement in the backfield? That is some of the stuff we’ll need to do to get those 2nd & short instead of 2nd & long

I was just going to ask about that. It might be the main thing that I have never understood. I am originally from Philadelphia, so I am a lifelong Eagles and NFL fan., but over the years have really begun to enjoy the CFL. To me the movement in the backfield is the biggest difference between the two (I understand the larger field, the “55” yard line, the two downs instead of three to get a first down, and how you can earn a single point). I just do not understand how much movement and when they can move in the backfield prior to a snap.

Demski! Baby

Z Collaros looking like a young man out there evading the sack scrambling and delivering a rope to Demski

TD Bombers.

Gonna be a high scoring affair?

Slotbacks, as backfield players, are allowed unlimited motion and regularly “waggle” or move towards the line of scrimmage before the snap. The receivers widest on either side of the field. Normally they line up on the line of scrimmage, but can be in motion before the snap.


Collaros to Lawler to break their goose egg. Nice O line protection

PAT good. 7-6 Wpg

Lawler! He’s one that needs to step up this year.

I remember watching Collaros when he was at the University of Cincinnati playing in college.

He’s had a rough go of concussions, but had a great comeback last 1/3 of last season

Thanks! That makes it easier to follow. I truly hope that if I get up there for work later this summer, that I would be allowed in the stadium, as I am fully vaccinated.

He ran a similar offense in college. Shotgun formations, no huddle, etc.

I’ve always liked Zach’s groove. The man is a baller. Just a history of injuries unfortunately. Some no fault of his own

Welcome. I am in the Philadelphia Metro area here, and sometimes I am watching in the city where I work as well.

Stick around and we’ll help with the intricacies of rules, but start with Wikipedia for a good basic introduction as well as a comparison to American football if you wish as well.

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He was all Big-East conference player as a Junior and a Senior, if I recall correctly. Also came from one of the top high-school programs in Ohio, if not the country.