GDT WPG vs Ham Aug 5th....or AKA Game 1 Baby!

Bombers site too dead to talk....I'm sure all fans are excited for this one!

!st thing to mention, stands looked pretty bare....but this is very close to a sell out, about 30,000, Remember that 1000's of fans are in the concourse, and today especially there will be a long wait at the gate.

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I had almost forgot that Schultz had passed. Football will be different without him this year.

Most people taking the Cats in this one, but I think they are too think on OLine, and we all saw what our DLine can do in the Grey Cup. JM Will be running for his life, can he get anything out of that scarmbling? That will be the game.

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No Comments from anyone yet? What the hell are you all doing? Maybe you're all looking into the American expansion threads..... :unamused:

Do we get our 1st controversial hit in game 1? I'd say yes.

Just waiting for kick off to make this official!

It's been too long of a wait

Go Bombers - tonight only :wink:


hey, there's life on the board! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I did forget. I was in another room where I couldnt hear but I saw his face a couple times on screen and I got a little excited hoping he was back. sigh

Would I be being too much of stickler by asking for the thread title to change to something like?

GDT: Hamilton @ Winnipeg 5-Aug-21: We're back!....or something like this

Makes it feel more official:)


Grey Cup Champs since 2019 Baby!!!!! Who wants to take it from us??

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Are you at the game?

Nope, can't yet.

Wierd not seeing Medlock punt there

Masoli to Acklin for the first score of the season.

PAT no good 6-0 Hamilton


Woo TD.

Winnipegs d is getting torched

Torched? That catch was so close to being knocked down.

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They look tired out there already.

May be a long game for the champs

LOL, I missed you GNW

You too. You just wear the wrong colour is all

Sorry - never did like boogers

Is having Harris out for the game causing this much trouble?