GDT: Toronto @ Winnipeg

Y.A. Tittle, Jr. (Ricky Ray) coming to put Meek Mike O'Shee's job in jeopardy. Don't expect more then 23,300/24,400 @ IGF tonite w/ bombers desecrating the field last week.

If TO somehow squeezes the bombers to high hell the pressure bumps on Meek Mike O.


...y'know, putting the actual person's name after the nickname sort of defeats the whole purpose of the nickname in the first place....

I was wondering the CFL expanded to Toroonto... is that near Toronto? They might even get better attendance lol

My concern is other than SJ Green and perhaps Armanti Edwards at receiver with Posey out, with RB Whitaker as the check-down on many a play, just how much of a threat is Toronto on offence so long as Green can be shut down and contained including via many a scheme to double-cover him?

If I am Winnipeg, I would make sure Green is covered and knocked around within 5 yards all over the place to make them throw more to someone else.

I do not think the high ball to Green so that he can out-leap sloppy coverage, given the film at hand so far in front of any decent defensive coordinator, is going to cut it any more.

On the Winnipeg side, the passing game should be better but it's just not, so I have to wonder if we are in for a scoring stinker.

Of course those who enjoy dominating defence all game and a whole lot of punting could be in for a treat tonight.

I looked at attendance figures so far with Hamilton out of the picture given no home game yet.

It's more of the same I suppose with Toronto, BC, and Montreal all drawing terribly so far and as usual. I wonder how much better Montreal drew when Calvillo was playing?

So much for the move to BMO Field, and so much for the Olympic Stadium strategy with the commentary for years on BC Place unchanged.

We'll see if the rest continue to draw about 25K or more steadily at home.

I pick Winnipeg to win this one. High scoring or low scoring I expect to enjoy the game.......

Definitely a pick -em game which I think will be a low scoring affair decided by a FG or less .

I gotta go with the hometown B.B’s here as I obviously can’t call myself a true Cats fan if I cheer for that other Blue team from parts unknown . :smiley:

So let’s go B.B’s !!! :rockin:

Final Score

Winnipeg 24
Toronto 21

Some buzz (actually electricity has a 10 to 15% chance of postponing tonite's big bubba game from IGF) about Indian Jack Jacobs being put into the IGF Ring of Honor tonite!

Don't expect the name "Indian" to go onto his nameplate though - although that's all he's been known to generations of fans from coast to coast, especially in Manitoba. Wad Miller has gone from being a prickly and unpredictable Trumpian like character to a real by the book, PC guy since getting this $525,000 job with the Bombers. Miller avoids trouble like the dickens now - he won't dare put or even mention the Indian part of the name.

Just hope TSN & Bulldog Bob Irving have the balls to say it. Hope TSN does more than their normal 4 to 6 second panning of the statue - perhaps borrowing some game footage from my buddy Chris Hoth - his wonderful collection of 1950s bomber games with Indian Jack at the throttle can be seen on the net! :cowboy:

This is a very interesting game.

Is Matt Nichol's for real? or just a 1a(drew willy).

Are the Argo's a 7-9 type team, or a Plus .500 team?

Very excited about this road game for the Argo's, I think they have the edge, but I thought that the Argo's were going to give BC a much better game, so who knows

Agree Mighty, should be a very interesting affair and should provide more clues as to the real strengths and weaknesses of each team. As Paolo says, look to the Argos to use Whitaker a lot and if the Bombers shut him down, it could be a long night for the Boatmen. On the other hand, if Nicholls doesn't ramp it up, well, the Bombers might be in for a long night. We'll see.

Bombers have tons of long nights in front of them. Just not dominant enough to control outcomes!

So what happened to my boy Posey?

Where's the TSN panel?

Only Milt & Jockstrp Climie reported for duty. No sign of Big Chris or Dunign.

btw - how does TO get SJ Greene while the bombers settle for guys w/ frying pan h nds! :cowboy:

Did not expect 106 yd return from Wild Lnkford! WOW

Micro Mutt Nichols coming down with DWD (Drew Willy Dizeez); not hitting open men, gettin’ blocked, poor timing, etc. SLUMPING!!!

Not convinced the Wpg DB's are up to the task tonight....or any other night really. Nichols doesn't look great so far either but his receivers look worse.

Could be a long night for the Bombers.

Medlock & Nichols r wise guys - don't try too hrd 4 TS svin' tckles! But no injuries either!!!

But super opening TD return, right? :cowboy:

Yeah, but.....

Ref Ben Major won 1st prize @ recent Garry Lawless look-like contest. Lawless took runner-up! :cowboy: