GDT: Toronto v Montreal

Getting things started early since this is a must win for the Argos if they have any hope at the playoffs. They'll likely need at least three wins in their remaining five games, so beating bottom feeders like Montreal and Regina is essential.

Mercifully, the Argos have six gamed clueless Joe Rankin. The guy had absolutely ZERO idea what he was doing out there in coverage.

One can only hope that Rich Stubler is smart enough to put AJ Jefferson back in at corner in place of Marcus Alford who was torched repeatedly against Ottawa.

Interesting to see that AC Calvillo has been stripped of his play calling duties in Montreal. Chapdelaine will now call the offence and Calvillo is now the designated coffee fetch. Smart decision because Calvillo was completely lost at pretending to be the OC.

Montreal by 17

New standards set in Montreal (Video)

In his first week since being named interim head coach of the Alouettes Jacques Chapdelaine has implemented new standards and structure to the team and Nik Lewis and Rakeem Cato believe it will show on game day. Chapdelaine also weighs in on the new role of Anthony Calvillo.

Even by 13 will do - like the Stamps are doing to Hamilton right now leading 22-9 at the half from THF.

Unfortunately I could see this kind of result happening tomorrow.

Especially if the Montreal players are trying to prove a point that Popp was the problem.

Greenwood is finally back for the Argonauts.

For how long? Seems like this guy gets hurt again as soon as he comes off the IR. Basically, can't be counted on.

Too bad Greenwood seems to be injury prone, as he has the potential to a good Canadian linebacker like Mike O’Shea.

If Argos do not win, I think their season is over.

Not enough time to make up lost ground.

I would tend to agree with that statement, but nobody in the East seems to be able to win.

Unthinkable as it it, 16pts could win the division.

Who's kidding who, The Argos Season Is Over. Milo and Barker will be over as well with any hope. Funny how I got kicked off of argo fans with the bunch of homers with their weekly love ins but now most are saying what I did all year long.
Sky is Falling!!! haha..yah it's falling!!!! Karma hits hard with them posting that in jest all year long.

That site hasn't been the same since Area 51, Midnight Blue and others have been BANNED. Then in a few days Snowrogue, doubledare and me (1argoholic) get axed. They don't like realists.

Time to see whether the Als have any pride left and are interested in giving this sellout home crowd something to cheer about, for once. Toronto has been sliding; while they’re not a pushover by any means, they do look vulnerable. Stubler’s defenses don’t generally do well against the run, so I hope we run the ball down their throat. Sutton has been averaging over 5 yards a carry. There’s no reason why we can’t run to open up the deep passing game.

Well for what it's worth (and believe me it ain't much :wink: ) I'll be absolutely cheering on those Dirty Birds today to sink that Argo boat. It sounds ridiculous I know but with the East being so pathetically pathetic at this time the Als can actually get back into the Turtle Race that is the Eastern Division this season..........but that's for another thread...oh wait, never mind :cowboy:................viewtopic.php?f=1&t=97007 :stuck_out_tongue: :oops:

I know, the East is pretty damn sad this year.

I have no hopes for this season, given how it's gone for the Als. I'd just like a few wins and some pride in playing at home. The number of home games we've lost is atrocious. We'll likely miss the playoffs but let's at least try to win our remaining home games!

Two plays and a TD.

Toronto didn't have a hint of pressure on Cato - - which is totally understandable with a washed up ha-been like Justin Hickman playing patty-cake with the OLine.

I always call it as I see it, my friend. Unfortunately, many people can't deal with reality and that's the problem when a site is run by Fan Boys - - this is the only CFL forum that allows any kind of criticism of players/coaches/management. Aside from a few unemployed fishermen who keep insisting on my censorship.

Milanovich and Barker are not the problem in Toronto. If you're going to fire coaches, start with clueless Rich Stubler, Why do you think Calgary was so happy to let him out of his contract to join the Argos? JY Younger and Kit Lathrop are completely unqualified to be coaching at the pro level and need to be fired immediately. Kelly Jeffrey is another guy who's in way over his head. That's why the special teams have had so many breakdowns all season. He belongs back in the CIS - - that's his max level as a coach.

Run the ball, Jacques! We can’t just go deep all game. Stubler is going to adjust unless we make him pay with ball control underneath and a commitment to using Sutton.

Also, cover teams, WTH. Do your job, please.

Yet another huge ST play given up by the Argos - - this is what happens when you have a CIS coach pretending to be a professional level coach.

Passing is the right call - - Stubler and JY Younger insist on giving a 5yd to 7yd cushion. And there's ZERO pressure coming from the rush as long as Hickman is on the field. Cato just has to play a simple game of pitch and catch with his wide open receivers and he'll put up huge yardage.

Dropped pass of an easy catch by the slow-footed rookie Declan Cross. Can anyone explain why this guy is on the field instead of a proven pro like Andre Durie?

Right on cue, Durie picks up a 1st down immediately following the drop from Cross.