GDT: Tiger-Cats @ Stampeders September 14th!

So despite a gaudy 9-2 record, the Tabbies are getting no respect from the various prognosticators and fornicators this week. But what the hell do these buffoons know, right? Uhhhhh, right?


36-16 Calgary

Should be a close game. 21-18 Calgary.

Tabbies are due for a win in Calgary, today is as good a day as any. Get it Cats!!

We got this one …

Cats 26
Stamps 24

I second that!!

…ya! Who doesn’t want Tre Roberson on your (community volleyball) team, the vertical gain on that blocked FG was insane!!

Well I got Hamilton’s score right and was within 2 of Calgary’s. Hamilton’s d are keeping them in games this year

I had to see.the replay …you’d swear he jumped on someone’s back to get that height …was impressed and surprised to.see it was a clean jump.

That’s more dunking hieght vs volleyball

Same here. I immediately rewound to watch it again a couple of times. That was an impressive feat of athleticism.

Did the same. It was an amazing feat but the timing has to be luck. They showed a graphic later and it indicated that the ball was a little over 10 ft. in the air and his hands were above it. Even if the kick didn’t have an unusually low trajectory he might have touched it.