GDT: Tiger-Cats @ RedBlacks August 17th!

Well the gods willing it’s Dane Evans we’re going to see with the QB reins of the Tiger-Cats for the rest of the season. Will this be the week of his first commanding statement? And will Cameron Marshall get more touches from his RB slot than he did last week?

Even with R.J. Harris returning, are there any game breakers at all in the RedBlacks backfield these days? Brad Sinopoli perhaps? And with John Crockett out due to injury, can Mossis Madu make the most of his second chance?

Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow!


? cats are more than just their QB (who is a big loss nonetheless - Masoli).
They will assert themselves as the ORBs look to find their game.

This game should determine if there will be an interesting race in the East without Masoli, or if the Ticats will just continue to run away with it.

I see politics has now infiltrated the CFL with all the LGBTQ flags out there today.

Ottawa Pride kicked off today, and the mayor of Ottawa came out as gay today.

Nice to see the Redblacks/CFL show support.

The streak ends at 69. Nice.

4-1 is such a CFL score.

Horrendous PI call. Video review is pushing me away from the league. Have no more interest in this game now. Job well done CC you chased another fan from a game.

Don’t kn ow how it was overturned … left arm knocked the receiver off stride

The Ottawa QB reminds me of Michael Bishop. He seems like a good athlete and has a very strong arm just no accuracy.

Another game where the Ticats never trailed.

Two interceptions in the end zone, and a botched FG attempt. The score could have been much worse for Ottawa.

Slow down ANY PLAY and you can find PI. This is a judgement call that should not be subject to video review. However, if they must then it should only be reviewed at full speed.

That was a ridiculous call that impacted the game. I used to watch every snap of every game but video review has me down to 1 or 2 games a week and I only see half of them because of the idiotic misuse of video review. Couple of plays before that there was a clear spear, helmet to helmet, but that’s ok, but don’t breathe on a receiver or the CC will review the play frame by frame to assess a phantom penalty.

I just watched it again, and Cioffi’s arm didn’t knock Addison down. Addison fell because he tripped on Cioffi’s foot. As both players had equal position, and both players were going for the ball, the trip was deemed inadvertent, and therefore not pass interference. A good call by the Command Centre.

[b]RULE 6 - PASSING SECTION 4 – FORWARD PASS Article 9 – Interference By Both Teams After A Forward Pass Is Thrown[/b] (b) Should the forward pass be thrown across the line of scrimmage, the following shall apply: (iv) Inadvertent tripping by a player with equal position shall not be ruled as interference.

That was one of the changes made this year - the Command Centre can only review plays at normal speed. And it is still only able to overturn on-field calls when the evidence is conclusive.

In this case, they would have seen that Addison fell because he stepped on Cioffi’s foot, not because Cioffi pushed him. This was a good call by the Command Centre.

IMO the arm to the shoulder threw the receiver off stride which then caused the feet to touch …

And IMO, the arm really didn’t do much at all.

Don’t recall which players were involved, however the play I’m referring to was in the end zone, on field called nothing and CC reversed it to PI against Cats.

Horrible call by CC and I stand by my opinion that video review for judgement calls is the worst thing to ever happen to the CFL and is slowly killing the game

That’s the play I mentioned. Addison fell because he stepped on Cioffi’s foot. Nothing to do with the arm.

I agree! Video reviews for judgement calls such as pass interference and roughing the passer are an absolute travesty. Video review should only be used to ascertain whether receivers made catches in bounds, whether fumbles occurred before players were downed by contact, whether footballs crossed the plane of the end line, etc.

While I agree in part…the league really has to stick to their own words of “clear evidence to overturn”. When Rick Campbell says “we’ll just play the lottery with this one” you know there’s a problem.

I’d say 80% of the challenges currently being looked at can be left as “stands” and move on.

Replay is for the obvious calls like the NFC championship from last year.

Command centre gets 90 seconds, judgement calls are real time speed only, in bounds or knee down are slow motion.