GDT: Tiger-Cats @ Lions August 24th!

Will Dane Evans have a breakout game against the Lions? Or will the Tiger-Cats’ Defence be called upon to once again do the heavy lifting?

Is Mike Reilly too badly beat up to lead the Lions to victory? Or will the Lions’ Offence finally display its teeth?

Stay tuned! The game’s late tomorrow evening.

Cat fight #2 goes to the eastern cats again! They want to make up for letting the last game that they played in BC get away from them last September. :slight_smile:

Tabbys win.

Much as I admire Reilly and much as consider him to be amongst the best QBs, thus far, he’s been going it alone and has thus become the the CFLs first living, breathing tackle dummy. That the poor so and so is still able to stand and walk, is a testament to his toughness. But a man, even of Reilly’s calibre, can only take so many beatings before he packs it in.

Lalji is pretty good. Better than Rod black.

A 3 legged chair is better than Rod Black, but Lalji does do a good job. If he says Speedy Banks again though I’ll scream. Since when did Black become a trend setter.

Gotta say though this game is putting me to sleep.

If it was a breakout game it was in the wrong direction. His QB efficiency was a pathetic 46.

Oh this is the game thread where members post their views on the game. Shit. Moderator please delete the earlier thread for the same game.

It’s always a good idea to give a quick visual scan of the forum before making a new thread.

So I had John White in Fantasy and he bolted out of the gate with four carries for 53 yards and one reception for 23 yards, and then he limped off the field before the end of the first quarter and didn’t return. He may perhaps have been the difference maker for the Lions.

I don’t know what the problem is for the Lions. Earlier this season in Hamilton they could not prevent the Tiger-Cats from scoring, but yesterday they shut down the Ticats Offence but after White went down just could not get any offensive production themselves.