GDT: Tiger-Cats @ Eskimos September 20th!

Can the Tiger-Cats rebound from last week’s heartbreaking loss? And will Dane Evans continue to improve at the helm of the Tabbies?

Can Logan Kilgore step into Trevor Harris’ shoes and end the team’s skid?

Stay tuned! The game’s late tonight.

To answer your questions - yes, yes and no! Expecting a Ticat bounce back and win in Edmonton tonight!

Hmmmm. So I see that LeoVegas has the Tiger-cats favoured by 2.5.


21 - zip for the Cats .

Just watching the Ricky Ray halftime ceremony. A few points:

1)Ricky Ray; great player, even better person

  1. Eric Tillman=idiot
  2. Len Rhodes=see point 2

no way. Tillman not idiot. Tillman a pissant

Way to go Steeltown! Don’t know what you guys were doing in the second half, but I was glad to see that you pulled it together enough to squeak through. A win is a win.

Tabbys are the great eastern hope now.

Pretty sure you can’t find message board reactions to the last time the Ticats were 10-3.

I’ll still take it

Gota give it to the TiCats.
Masolli. Got knocked out early in the season.
There Running Backs are going down each week.
& they went have been in the west for two weeks. And gritted out a win in edmton.
Now lets see is the Bombers can keep pace with them & the best record overalll

This game set some milestones for the Tiger-Cats:

Hamilton is the first team to clinch a playoff spot, and the first to clinch a home playoff spot.

Also, Hamilton has beaten every team in the league, and are currently the only team that can make that claim.

They have won the season-series against Toronto, Calgary, Saskatchewan and B.C., and they currently lead the season series against Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.

They are 6-2 against Western teams (only Winnipeg is better at 6-1) and a league-best 4-1 against Eastern teams.

I’ll add one more - they are the ONLY team NOT to lose two games in a row. If they lose a game they bounce back and win the next one. Last night in Edmonton was a perfect example.

Maas should be gone by season’s end. What a terrible coach.

I wanted to mention that, but didn’t want to jinx it.

People on here were saying the same thing after last season and yet somehow he survived