GDT: Tiger-Cats @ Blue Bombers September 27th!

Really glad to see Sutton have success. Always liked that guy. He could have had a topnotch CFL career if he’d been able to stay healthy.

Its good to see him back and playing. He is rested and healthy.
He is a Veteran RB that knows how to grinde yards out with a lead late in game.
Thats something the TiCats have been missing that as Erlington and several others were injured early on

Could it be what he had in the tank before the suspension? His next game should tell the tale.

Couldn’t watch this game (life gets in the way sometimes), so I’ll take the blame.
Disappointed to say the least. Not looking good right now and 4-5 over the last 9 >:(

Kudos to the Cats, no excuses here. Cats deserve #1 ranking.

Next week a critical game for the Bombers & Riders.

I don’t understand why the Tiger-Cats didn’t resign Alex Green. His rushing numbers were very good. What was the knock against Green?


He was injury prone, and also an American RB on a team that wanted to switch to Canadian RB’s like STE and Irons. He also would have certainly made more than those two.

Here is hoping to good health for Sutton.

As Justin Dunk said having two games of was a blessing in disguise.
After really good first half the last two weeks. He was outa gas in the second half.
He is in his 10th season. At 32 years old. He has carried a heavy load of the offenses during most of those years.
He has been wearing down by time the playoffs come around the last few years.
In this era of football almost ever team uses two RBs rotating into games.
Hence the term RBs are a dime a dozen.
& I will say it again Augustine is yung & has fresh legs. As well he proved he is a very good pro RB When Harris was out. So i just dont understand that the bombers arent using both.

Thanks LGB! Was hoping that the Ticats would pull out the win - didn’t expect them to be as dominant as they were. Shutting down Streveler’s running game is the key and keeping Harris in check which they managed to do pretty well the last time. Evans played his best and most complete game to date.

You might be happy that you missed this one.

Winnipeg offense has tended to rely on the run game more than any other team and that has increased with Streveler at the helm now. I kept hearing comments earlier in the season about how most RBs usually are slowing down before they reach Harris’ age but he didn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Maybe that wasn’t true. When you have more than one RB or player who can get the job done it does seem silly not to use them if roster space and composition works for the team to do that. Ticats may not have too much of a running game but they have been creative in getting in those runs. Maybe LaPo should make note!

Ya. Its one thing to be a 32 yr RB. Its another thing to be Andrew Harris.
In heading into his 10th CFL season he has only Missed 11 GAMES & playing in a whopping 165! GAMES!
He has been the number one RB for 8 straight years.

In that time he has ran the ball an insane amount
1,611 times!
For 8,679 Yards

On top of that!
552 Receptions
For 5,061 YARDS.

In just 12 games this season. He already has
Ran the ball 163 yards.
And has just has already reached 1,000 plus yard.
As well as
57 Receptions
For almost 500 yards.

For me I like that the Bombers are going
Against all CFL logic & Run Run Run the ball.
But they are going to need to enlist a couple more guys to carry a good chunk of the load. As Strev & Harris are visibily slowing down at this madening pace.
They have Augustine. A true RB. so no trickery or misdirection needed. Just take a chunk of harris’s runs & receptions.
Demski a hybrid type and quicker than the other 3 the misdirection end around teams are onto it.
Id like to see him play straight outa the backfield as well
Get crazy use two backs.
Split them or run the I formation.
No one will be ready for that. HA

This is the first year in a long time that the commentators aren’t talking about a possible 1000-1000 season for Anabolic Andy.

Maybe he is slowing down. But he’s still the rushing leader, with a healthy 6.26 yard average. As long as he can do that, the BBs are right to let him keep doing it.