GDT: Tiger-Cats @ Blue Bombers September 27th!

So will the Tiger-Cat Defence be up to the task of corralling the Blue Bomber running game? And will Dane Evans and his contingent of fleet footed receivers be good enough to grab another victory out West?

Can the Blue Bombers bounce back from their monumental second half meltdown in Montréal last weekend?

Tune in Friday for the answers to these and other questions!


They will give the Bombers all they can handle if they can seal the edges to keep Streveler in the pocket and actually make him a quarterback.

We answered the bell after past disappointing losses, I’m expecting a big win.
Going to be nuts on here if they lose again.

I hate to say it, but I voted WBB, Hamilton has a great D but they cannot push the ball over the goal line inside the 20, too many fieldgoals. Kills me to go with W, and I will still cheer for the TC and hope they prove me wrong.

I’m picking Hamilton, who are 4.5 point underdogs.

Of course, they were the underdogs the first time they played, too.

Looking for a birthday present win from the Ticats. They managed to win last time although for sure things are very different this game including location. IG field is not an easy place for visitors but the Ticats have had success there in the past so looking for a close game and a black and gold victory.

Sorry Let’s Go Blue! :)Even if the BBs win I don’t think it will be by a large margin.

That’s the thing. I’m pretty sure the TiCat’s D will keep him busy.

…go ticats!! ;D

Hamilton by less than a touchdown.

I’m not sure Canadian football can get much better than this: Two really good teams, division leaders, playing high quality ball.

Hamilton is looking very very good, though I really like this Bomber team.

I wasn’t sold on Evans when Masoli went down but he’s starting to show some very good progress. Arbuckle and Evans could end up starters next season on other teams (thinking Ottawa and Toronto).

Feels so … wrong … but here we go Go Ti-Cats lol

Evans is under contract with Hamilton at least through next season if not to 2021.

Thanks! Eventually Ticats will get some respect for playing as well as they have without their starting QB for most of the season! If they were in the same division as the Stamps then they would have won the season series on points differential.
Glad to see that they aren’t taking their foot off the gas as they did the past couple of weeks.

The Bombers ripped off the big play chain from the Riders. Wow.

Looks like the Bombers cant play with the big boys. We will see where they fit among the second tier next week :wink:

Streveler outclassed by Evans! Who says you need hair to be good! :smiley: :wink:

Who ripped it off from like every college in the US.

Well Hamilton held the Stevler Harris running game pretty much in check. Compared to what damage a insane yardage they have had in many games this season.
Its now two games in a row that Harris has really been shut down in the second half both running and receiving.
Where we have seen Harris get stronger & Stronger in the second half.

This is something ive heard discussed on Several reputable CFL radio shows. That he is used so much in both the running & pasing game that he seems to run outa gas wen its playoff time.
& so far the last couple games we can see it happening.
Its even worse now that teams are scheming to stop Harris. & stop Strevler from running the ball alnost exclusively.
Im not Quite Sure why they continue to just about exclusively use Harris 99% of the game.
I thought for sure after Johnny Augustine would be used a bit more at RB.
Im not talking a 50-50 split. Lol. But Augustine had 1 run for 9 yards & 1 catch for 12 yards.
Demski has also proven he can also run the ball.
But again tonite I run for 6 yards.
Especially now with Strevlers poor passing & Great Running.
Augustine should be on the field more to spred Harris duties out. & more Demski speed running the ball to turn the corner.
Strevler tacked on alot of passing yarrds late to get him over 300 yards. But very misleading.

I think its pretty cool that the Bombers with Strevler are gona run ALOT. In a passing league the complete opposite of any conventional thought.
But they cant do it with just 2 guys. Its too much.
Now add in Augustine & Demski more into the game plan as runners. & short dumpoffs & bubble screens which are basically running plays. They could just wear Defenses down.

I like wat Hamilton is doing now.
They came into the season with a stout Running attack and the players to get it done.
Irons as his backup on the roster.
& the designed run plays for Mosoli.

All three went down very early in the season.

They had Cam Marshal in the Wings. Very capable. But as quickly as he got into the lineup. He was injured on 6 game before ya know it.
Coombs is a Hybrid but not really a RB in the sense of the word.
Some ceativity with Addison as a hybrid.
But that for darn sure takes away from a major tarket rec for a yung QB.

Tonite after much patience. Tyrell Sutton entered the line up after 6 game IR 2nd team this year and weeks on the PR. A veteran who has been thru the wars.
Now he didnt put up gaudy numbers or get 25 touches. But his total yards running and receiving = to Harris.
Plus Rookie Malik Irons got back into the line after being out with alot of season with his injuries. A draft pick from this year.
Jackson Bennent a 2018 Draft pick also on the roster & played today.
Final 3rd of the season and the Cats had 3 RBs in the game today 2 which have alot of rust to get off.
So they have thecoptions and they areclooking at all of them