GDT: Tiger-Cats @ Alouettes October 26th!

This is the week that Luke Tasker makes his long anticipated return. Meanwhile Devier Posey is out with injury for the Alouettes and William Stanback is being given a rest. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are favoured by 2.5.

Do you agree?


Absolutely - and probably by more than 2.5! Never mind that most of the CFL writers have picked the larks to sweep the season series. I don’t think that’s going to happen. It will be good to see Tasker back in the lineup. Ticats are a team on a mission. There are still a few key players on that team who knew the pain of defeat in the 2013 and 2014 GC. Continuing to win helps them to work towards the ultimate goal.

And you would be right considering its a 3 game series and its tied at 1 win each

;D ;D ;D

I say Hamilton by … 17.

Let’s go with 27 - 10

I like the sound of that.


41-10 Ticats :wink:

Not a bad game .

Had another hard time finding it on my streaming TSN .

Again and again never gets fixed . Just no one bothering to do their job of aligning the feeds with what channel has it .

TSN feeds . Tip to TSN Get rid of this bonus feed BS on your streaming .

Click on the game nope NCAA game

Click on the game nope NCAA game

Click on the game nope racing F1

Click on the game , Holy cow they have the CFL game on .

TSN you suck …!

How long they keeping Evans out there ?

That is not roughing the passer .

I know what you mean … but it is pretty much like the “puck over the glass” delay of game penalty in the NHL … too many refs didn’t have the guts to call some “real” offences so the league made it automatic … touch the helmet and its a penalty … as long as they call it consistently then I’m OK with it.

Since when is no yards challengeable?

Which CFL writers picked the Als to sweep the Ticats this year?

It seems to me, most writers predicted the Als would be much worse than they have proven to be.

True. 9-8 is not that good of a record. The predictions are on par.

At least 3-4 years.

Edit. 2016

Guess that was poor wording on my part - what I meant was for the larks to win the season series - not sweep which of course would assume they had a 2-0 advantage. Anyway couldn’t understand why most writers picked the larks to win even if they have had good success at home this season and beat the Ticats WAY back in week 4! ::slight_smile:

Sorry - bad choice of words by me! :-[ Should have been WIN the season series by winning this game since each team had each won one game each! Sorry for the confusion!

Larks have been better than expected but one of their goals apparently was to have a winning season. They’re record for sure is MUCH better than the past few years but they are going to be a .500 team. Of course they still expect to get past the Ticats in the EF (assuming they win the ESF) and win the GC! Nothing wrong with having high goals but I don’t think they’re going to make it past the EF.