GDT - TiCats @ Two Colours

To avoid double GDT's like last week, I will start this early! ;D

TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Duane Forde
Referee: Al Bradbury
Weather: Clear, nine degrees, light winds out of the southeast at 10 km/h

Vegas has us as 7 point dogs, I say we win by 7. 8)

I am relishing the thought of denying the Redblacks a chance to host the East Final
This could be one of those rare games that the Arblows are actually cheering for us! :o

The downside of that is that then the Arghos will host the eastern final. I think I’d rather see the Redblacks doing that. Plus, this city will go crazy if the Redblacks are in the big game here. Could be fun. (And that might also take some wind out of Burris’s sails.)

I'll be watching DB Cooper closely to see why he is playing ahead of E. Davis in the roster

I'll take the Argonuts to host the final the only thing is they'll only get about twenty fans out. I'd sooner beat the Rod Blacks. ;D

It was someone else before Cooper too. Davis has definitely fallen out of favor. I have enough recent dislike for Ottawa to cheer full force tonight for our HTC's.

I am not a guy that bets online and maybe this is why. i see the Cats as a great bet with 7 points tonight. Almost too good to be true.
$500 on the Cats +7.
And $200 to win outright. That out to take care of some Christmas shopping 8)

Drew Edwards?Verified account
#Ticats scratches are DB Emanuel Davis & Canadian RB Sean Thomas-Erlington, same as last week. Davis has clearly fallen out of favour.

Fun to hang out with all of you here tonight. Go Cats! Oskee wee wee!!

Thanks for dropping in Bob!

Oskee Wee Wee good Sir!

We got this one tonight!!! 8) 8)

Hmm, I always thought the correct response to an "Oskee Wee Wee" is supposed to be a "Oskee Waa Waa". :o ;D

Whiskee Waa Waa!

That deserves a holy mackinaw!!!


And while we are waiting for the game to start...

Here's a question for those strict grammarians among you. When do you use "an" versus "a". My middle school English teacher would have said: before a vowel, so my note above: " "Oskee Wee Wee is supposed to be a "Oskee Waa Waa...", should have been: " "Oskee Waa Waa".

But others argue that it depends how it "sounds" and to my ear using two "an"s in a row does not sound right. Any thoughts on this one?

Coach Sal keys to the game

Pressure Harris
Stop Powell
Stop the deep pass
No turnovers

You lost me on grammarians! :o

Is this a "real" Ticat endorsed bottle of Canadian Club? or did you "manufacture" this? 8) Either way I love it.

Maybe if you had some connections you might be able to find one! ;D

As a former teacher - "an" before a vowel regardless of how it sounds! And sometimes before an "h" depending on te first sound of the word.


Got a stop on those OTTRBs right off the bat!!


Major foul! :frowning:

And suddenly TiCats have good field position