GDT: Ticats @ Stamps

This game should be a good gauge for the Ticats. June Jones has had an entire off-season instead of getting thrown in the fire mid-season.

Will they be able to push Trestman's Argos for the top seed in the East? Or will they have yet another Head Coach when these two teams meet again in mid-September?

A free spot on the BINGO card for the Stampeders

...Saturday July 29th 2017:

Calgary: 60
Hamilton: 1

...doubt that will get repeated, but the stamps still take this one...

Cats take Bo out late in the 1st

35-28 seem pretty confident the cats will score 28 points...

TiCats 28-23 8)

Calgary 38-18 :smiley:

If neither the Ticats nor the Als win, then Ottawa could wind up in sole possession of first place without having yet played a game. :wink:

THIS is the reason Stamps keep losing Grey Cups. They and many fans celebrate wins before even taking the field.

Oh man, that would have to be a first.

Typical east division shaping up as usual. But 500 records in the east get grey cups these days. GD stamps..

It certainly is embarrassing. Can’t believe the horrible start for the whole division. Do you think the eastern teams should all just throw the in the towel before it gets really bad?

You do realize the east has won the Grey Cup 2 years running now, right?
Two different eastern teams won the Grey Cup in back to back years by beating a western team that repeatedly gets billed as the best ever?

thank you rod black :slight_smile:

Last year (and in 2016 as well) the best team was victorious on Grey Cup Sunday.
Those teams happened to be from the east. Who cares what regular season records were? The best team got there for each division and on GC game day the best playing team that day won. That’s the whole point of playoffs. The regular season is over.

If we rely on regular season records to coddle us into the comfort zone of knowing who should/would win - we may as well stop playing championship games.

Knowledgeable CFL fans use to have a mantra: "The real season starts Labour day weekend". It appears some have become sore losers and changed their tune LMAO!

If we ever get to the point where (as fans) we demand that the regular season records dictate the playoff and championship outcomes - I'm done with sports. Some fans want the season outcome to be a predictable excel spreadsheet. Ugh. We have enough of that boredom in our life already.

As you said - the real stuff that counts in a season - begins after Labour Day.

Just like the majors in golf, you can be down by 5-6 shots thereabouts going into the final round and win. Look today, Johnson was leading by 4 or 5 shots coming into today but last I checked an hour or so ago, was even with some others. Make the cut and from there who knows, just like the backend season of most pro sports leagues.

Bo looks like he has his arm strength back

The announce boys said Bo lost 25 lbs. What was the guy last year? Donald "Fatty Arbuckle" Trump?

Bo is around 6'1" and looks solid - he's probably 195 to 205 so that means he was 220 to 230 last year!