GDT: Ticats @ Riders

The Tabbies should be favoured by at least 13.5 vs. the rat-riders.

Especially with Zach sitting out another matter.

Bridge in pre-season form, Chris Jones out-thinking himself on matter after matter - and the vaunted Jones defense looking somewhat soft.

However, this is the CFL.

Expect chaos and unexpected results.

30,000+ snorting fans who resemble animals cheering on the home side.

Can't guarantee the riders win - that's an outside shot (maybe 25%)

but I know Masoli won't rack up 300+ yds on the riders - or Jones will be in hot sewage!

Perhaps 230 to 270 or thereabouts.

Final should be 26-18 Hammy

But in the land of the strange, home of the notso brave - prolly Riders 24, Ticats 22

Wish the game was on earlier. :frowning:

Good thing this game is in Regina tonight and not here in Hamilton. We'd be in one of those dreaded lightning delays.

This a shot from my balcony about 45 minutes ago. The lights just immediately left of that bolt is Tim Hortons Field. Still quite the light show happening out there.

Awesome Brodie Lawson is awesome, we all know that!

But why in heaven's name is she knocking on Tim Hicks door? Unless Hicks concert is going to be televised by TSN? And generally TSN likes to do the old "Panel Dance" at half-time . . . . so basically Brodie's 8 second interview with Hicks is absolutely pointless!

...riders giving it their all, so far not the blowout you tabby fans were expecting

That shot to the knee could have been UGLY.

Still a lot of Canadian Football to be played.

...suitor’s counting steamboats during a slo-mo replay ::slight_smile:

That looked like a head shot on Masoli after he fumbled. Great play by Hughes. the injured player, always a classy move

Sask offence looks like it's in slo-mo.

...Ms Bierness agrees with you

One thing Sask'n is demonstrating is how woeful the Wpg Blue Bombers defensive schemes are.

According to most Sask'n has weaker personnel than Wpg. pretty much across the board - other than 2 - Duron Carter is better than any DB the bombers trot out and Charleston Hughes is a beast the bombers only wish they had.

But Chris Jones defense is basically holding The Great Masoli in check; hurting the feisty Hamilton DB at times. Wpg. allowed the same team nearly 500 yds in offense. Sask'n not so much - and the Rat-Riders are fully in the game at the half . . . .

Milt has a new "HE HATE ME" target - and his name is Chris Jones!

Man did Milt go off on Jones!

The Ticats are up by a rouge at the half. 7-6

...the score is 7-6-0

...the last number is the amount of points Winnipeg has in this game

Watching on ESPN+ here. As soon as Stegall launched his tirade there were — ahem — technical difficulties. :wink:

Good decision to put Tim Hicks on the network at half-time. Better decision by Hicks and his management to demand it be done vs. only playing to around 15,000 or less in the stands (at half-time)

Pretty good performer - and I'm not really the biggest country fan - Tim is a poor man's version of Garth Brooks - which is a compliment btw . . . .

He should get Brodie Lawson to introduce him at every concert. Man, she's got energy and radiates charm.

Shouldn't really downsell country music. Spent most of the afternoon listening to a Ray Price box CD. Ray Price is great . . . . Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard both said so - Merle said to Willie "Old Ray just schooled us on this tour - and Ray was in his early 80s at the time . . . .