GDT: Ticats @ Riders

These two meet for the first of two games over three weeks.

Riders defence is rather suspect this year. And if they’re using Carter at DB again this week, Banks and Saunders will be burning him deep more than once. If on offence, then he’ll be matching up with Breaux. But do the Riders have another DB to put in Carter’s place?

I suspect this one will be a close one, but the Ticats will dominate time of possession again, and wear down the Riders defence.

I'm not sure why you think this will be a close one.

The Riders are a team in disarray. They have looked weak in all three games they have played this year and were fortunate to beat an Argonauts team that has been inept so far this season.

The Tiger-Cats have looked good in all three of their games, with Jeremiah Masoli placing in the three stars of the week for the past two weeks.

I look for the Cats to win this comfortably.

Maybe it's the short week, although that affects the Riders too. Maybe it's the late start. Or maybe it's just I don't want to jinx my team by calling for a blowout.

The Riders lost to the Alouettes, at home! That pretty much suggests the Riders are easy pickings.

Unless Masoli throws 3 picks, the Ticats should win by at least 2 touchdowns.

"Free TD DC the DB" will be the death of the Riders in this one (if they do play him on defense).

Just my opinion

He is playing DB on the depth chart, but things can change.

Thanks Grover

Except they're really thin at DB, so I don't see them moving him to offence.

They can always put 3rd stringer Messam in at DB or maybe try one of their 9 (nine) D-Linemen . It certainly can't be any worse than the self proclaimed MOP better known as DC making a fool of himself out at corner . I'm kinda hoping they play him both ways . It will be hilarious to see who drives him nuts first.....Speedy "B" or his old friend from his Mtl days the Breaux Show . Either way it's a definite win/win for the Cats and watching Carters head explode will be literally worth the price of admission . ;D 8)

You can also count on Carter to get 1 or 2 stupid penalties that will help you guys out.

Lol . Yup . I can still remember Breaux in the 2014 EF getting DC so frustrated that he took a swing or two at him out of bounds that day that got the flags flying . Good times good times indeed .;D

Not for Johnny!

Montreal's chief nemesis that day was Brandon Banks (two punt return TDs).

DC's chief nemesis was DB (superior talent / shut-down corner).

It would be fun to see both of them have their way with DC again, on both sides of the ball.

What will happen first? Carter moved back to WR or the Ticats rolling out Johnny Football?

...Manziel won't play a single down outside of pure garbage time if Masoli continues being as hot as he I'd say Carter moving back to offense will come sooner...

The riders win this one by 17.

You do realize it isn't legal yet, right? :wink:

Wow I didn't know that Weed was already legalized in Saskatchewan . So you say the Riders by 17 do you ? I say puff, puff , pass . 8) The Riders will be lucky to even score 17 pts in this one let alone win it by 17. Trust me when I say this......The Riders get SMOKED tonight . It won't even be close . In fact it will be over by the half . Bank(s) on it . The highlight of the night will be when Duron's head explodes and all the watermelon seeds come flying out . ;D

Geez you Rider fans sure are Goofy sometimes . ;D

Oh, you mean something like a score of 29-12, geez any better than that I wouldn't be able to handle it.